who is the god of animals

The Greek animal god was the Greek goddess Artemis. She is the daughter of Zeus, god of the sky, and Leto, goddess of motherhood. Her twin brother is Apollo, the god of medicine, music and poetry. In addition to animals, Artemis is also the goddess of hunting and nature.

The Early Life of Artemis

Artemis and Apollo were twins, but Artemis was born a day earlier than Apollo. She became the guardian of Apollo, who led to her upbringing and protection. She values ​​her chastity and asks Zeus to grant her eternal virginity; something that could lead to the deaths of Orion and Actaeon.

Artemis: More than the Goddess of Animals

While Artemis is the goddess of animals, she is also a courageous protector of those around her, especially her parents, Zeus and Leto. Artemis often transforms into animals to kill those who have done wrong. Artemis has been given gifts including a silver bow and hunting dogs, and she is often depicted with these items when depicted.

Artemis and Orion

K6.1 ArtemisWhen Artemis was just three years old, she asked Zeus to grant her eternal virginity. Artemis values ​​her virginity even when she finds companionship in someone else, including Orion. Orion is the son of Poseidon and an excellent hunter. Orion and Artemis became great friends and often hunted together. Their friendship looks romantic to viewers as they are often seen together. | Top Q & AOne night, Orion and Artemis go hunting and light a fire when they’re done hunting. They slept together when the night ended. Apollo noticed smoke from a fire in the woods and went to investigate. Apollo was angry that Artemis would break his promise to Zeus that she wanted eternal virginity, so he decided that Orion should be killed. Orion tries to kill the scorpion, but it cannot pierce its thick skin. The scorpion chases Orion to the sea where Orion tries to outrun the scorpion. Apollo tells Artemis that her friend, Opos, was raped by Candaon and that Candaon is trying to escape by swimming across the sea to a deserted island. Read more: Survival Lilly Age, Bio, Real Name, Spouse, Net Worth | Top Q & AArtemis was angry that Candaon was going to rape her friend, so she went to the sea where she learned Candaon was swimming. Apollo showed Artemis where Candaon was swimming but didn’t tell her he was lying about who was swimming. Apollo continued to lie and said that Candaon was swimming to avoid her wrath and stay away from what he did. Artemis uses his bow to retract an arrow and shoots Candaon for raping Opos. After firing the deadly shot and stabbing Candaon in the head, Artemis visits Opos to tell her that Candaon is dead. In fact, she wasn’t raped at all and is perfectly fine. Artemis returned to the sea to see who she had killed only to realize it was her dear friend, Orion. Orion died from her arrow, so Artemis killed the scorpion that was chasing him. Orion and the scorpion are placed side by side in a constellation in the sky. The constellation features Orion being chased by a giant scorpion. Read more: Who is the Taedong River 1 in a drop of snow

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