who is the killer in heavy rain

Heavy rain is a murder mystery action adventure from David Cage and Quantic Dream. As such, it has a number of different ways it can end, 17 to be exact. And in case you don’t have 100 hours to watch every ending, we’ve covered the details. all endings Heavy Rain for you here. We’ll list what happens, so obviously spoilers. There will also be a brief description of how to get each ending, for those curious about how things could have turned out the other way around. We also consider if there is a best ending and the worst ending for Heavy Rain. If you’ve just finished Heavy Rain and are looking to move on to some other Quantic Dream work, why not check out our Detroit: Become Human Guide. It will tell you everything you need to know about the epic robot horror, including the voice actors in Detroit: Become Human, What ending you can get in the game, etc. Read: Who is the killer in the heavy rain.

Heavy Rain All Ends


Given that there are several playable characters in Heavy Rain, there are multiple endings revolving around each of them. In the following guide, we will analyze each character and provide you with possible endings for each character. We’ll also show you the decisions you’ll have to make to arrive at each one.

Heavy Rain All Ethan Ends

Read more: Who are Melon’s Parents? [Everything About Them]Ethan Mars is one of four playable characters in Heavy Rain. He is trying very hard to find his son, Jason, after he was kidnapped. Here are all of Ethan’s possible endings in Heavy Rain:

  • A new beginning – Ethan Survive and not get jailed. Madison was either rejected in “On the Loose”, or died. Shaun must survive.
  • Innocent – Ethan is arrested. Shaun survives and proves Ethan’s innocence. The two are reunited.
  • Ethan’s Grave – Ethan is dead.
  • Origami Blues – Ethan escapes capture but Shaun is dead.
  • Impotent – Ethan is imprisoned and Shaun dies.
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madison heavy rain

Heavy Rain All Madison Endings

Madison Paige has multiple endings tied to her character. They range from horror to eternal happiness. Here are all of the Madison Heavy Rain endings:

  • Super women – Ethan refuses Madison’s kiss, and doesn’t spare her. Madison survives and then Shaun is saved.
  • A square – Ethan refuses Madison’s kiss, and doesn’t spare her. Madison is unable to locate Shaun, but survives in the end.
  • The heroine is dead – Madison died.
  • New life – Ethan kisses and forgives Madison. Shaun is rescued.
  • Tears in the rain – Ethan kisses and forgives Madison. Shaun died.

heavy rain

Heavy Rain All Scott’s Ends

Scott is Heavy Rain’s resident detective. There are multiple ways his story could play out, let’s take a look at all of Scott’s endings in Heavy Rain.

  • Unpunished – Lauren died, Scott survived.
  • Origami’s Grave – Origami Killer is dead.
  • A Mother’s Revenge – Both Scott and Lauren survived.

Heavy Rain All Ending Norman

Read more: Who’s the woman in the unstoppable trailer Here are all the endings involving the character:

  • Closed case – Norman survived, so did Shaun.
  • Smoking mirror – Norman survived but Shaun did not.
  • Resignation – Norman survived, but Shaun was saved by someone else.
  • Uploaded – Norman died.

Heavy Rain Best ending

What the Best Ending in Heavy Rain is still a controversial topic among fans. This is because there are so many ways a story can play out, and a happy ending for one character can cause tragedy for another. All in all, though the best ending is one in which Shaun is saved, Ethan is innocent, Origami Killer is captured, and Norman, Madison, and Ethan survive. There are a few variations on this, as regards the romance between Madison and Ethan, for example, but the main conditions for the “best” ending remain the same.

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Heavy Rain The Worst Ending

There are some pretty bad things that can happen during Heavy Rain. The worst ending is a combination of the character’s death, suicide, wrongful imprisonment and a psycho being released from the war. Again, that’s in the opinion of what you would consider the worst ending in Heavy Rain, but there are a few ways to really start the game. The most notable of these troubling incidents is the scenario where Shaun dies. This is horrible for a number of obvious reasons, and indeed almost always leads to his Father Ethan committing suicide. Norman could go crazy over the magic glasses he used throughout the game, and Madison could be murdered when he was tied to the torture table. Get enough of these bad endings and the Origami Killer will go free, certainly a bad outcome for all involved. Let us know what you got first in the comments below! Read more: Who killed daisy in the great gatsby

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