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Source: Instagramtopqa.info megastars and social media personalities, Lisa and Lena Mantler, are twin sisters who have amassed millions of fans in a short space of time. fans on social media apps, as well as other accounts like Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Read: Who is older than lisa or lenaWant to learn more about these requested twins? Take a look at 24 facts about Lisa and Lena.Their birthdays. Lisa and Lena were born on June 17, 2002.Where they live. The twins now live in Stuggart, Germany.Siblings. Lisa and Lina have 2 siblings. One brother, Tim and one sister, Tayra.Their full name. Lisa and Lena MantlerWho is older? Lena is biggerHow can you tell them differently? Lena is a little taller than Lisa, while Lisa has a birthmark on her nose.Lisa’s favorite singer. Lisa is absolutely in love with Ariana Grande. It made the twins’ day when Ariana actually reposted one of their topqa.infoRead more: who says America is great because America is good | Top Q&AWhat do they want to be when they grow up? In the future, both Lena and List want to become actors.Nickname. With the success of topqa.info, fans of Lisa and Lena often refer to them as ‘LeLi’They love hats. LeLi has a love affair with hats and hats. If you look at their topqa.info or Instagram photos, you’ll often see the duo rocking something over their heads.Their popularity. Lisa and Lena started creating topqa.info back in the summer of 2015. The app quickly became one of the most popular among users, and the twins likely have millions of followers, just like other topqa.info stars like Loren Grey, TheyLoveArii, Baby Ariel and Kristen Hancher.In an interview with topqa.info, the twins explained that they started posting “just for fun”. What they love about being famous is “The whole world started to connect with us, the companies and the celebrities. [sic] enjoy working with us. In addition, when they travel, “everyone on the street in many countries knows us.”. The twins spend about 20 minutes a day making their videos.Favorite Quote. If you can dream about it, you can do it.Their parents insist on them to focus on school. Despite being social media superstars, Lena and Lisa have stated that their parents continue to emphasize how important school is to them. The girls were on their own to focus a lot on their studies at school. They say being famous actually helped their grades, because they wanted to prove that you can be popular on social media, while still being really good at school.Social media accounts. The twins have moved their huge fan following from topqa.info to other social media platforms. You can follow Lisa and Lena at:

  • Website
  • Twitter – @lisaandlena
  • Facebook – lisaandlena
  • Youtube – Lisa and Lena
  • Instagram – @lisaandlena
  • Snapchat – topqa.info
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Real voice. LiLe fans know the lip-sync duo, but many have never heard Lisa and Lena’s real voices. They made a video on Youtube for the fans to see what they really are.Someone they want to meet. For the twins, the person they most want to meet in the world will be Selena Gomez. Read more: What is the name of Popeye’s archenemy? | Top Q&ATheir weird question. Lisa tends to shop most of her clothes in craft stores. Lena buys most of her clothes online.They met Ed Sheeran. At their first gig, LeLi was able to meet pop superstar Ed Sheeran. Lisa’s response to Ed was, “That’s great – he’s so kind and humble and does it all by topqa.infolievable.” Lena’s answer is “awesome.”Uncomfortable with English. While the twins have hundreds of thousands of fans in the US, they don’t speak much English, as they are uncomfortable with the language. German is their first language and they are still learning English as a second language.Their pets. The couple has 2 cats, Kitty and Mozart.Best friend. The twins’ best friend is a girl named Laura.Dish! Lisa loves to eat pizza.What do they like to do?. The twins enjoy other activities outside of their social media world. Lena is good at hip hop dancing and Lisa loves football.Their own clothing line. When they were just starting out, Lisa and Lena partnered with clothing giant, Compose Clothing. In June 2016, ‘LeLi’ parted ways with Compose and they now sell their own items such as clothing, bags and other accessories.They won Musician of the Year. At the 9th Annual Shorty Awards in 2017, LisandLena won the Songwriter of the Year award. We won’t hold this award in our hands – thank you very much! You are the best! We love you! ???? @ shortyawards topqa.info/Hzn3BPpDiC— Lisa & Lena (@lisaandlena) April 23, 2017Read more: How to text someone who blocked you

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