Who Is Nia Jax Dating? The Popular Wrestler’s Personal Life

Video Dating with someone nia jax Wrestling world is no stranger to famous model and professional wrestler Nia Jax. While her real name is Savelina Fanen, she was soon signed by WWE and she works under the RAW banner under the stage name Nia Jax. Known for his strength and vivacity, Jax was a one-time Raw Women’s Championship winner. The wrestler also won the Women’s Tag Team Championship twice. However, the wrestler has risen to prominence in the ring while earning the nickname The Force Majeure.Nia Jax has also faced some fair share of criticism. The wrestling star has been accused of being an unsafe employee because she injured several opponents while fighting in the ring. Kairi Sane suffered a severe cut to the head after Jax threw her onto the steel steps beside the stage. Nia Jax has been an active advocate for body positivity issues while being a wrestler and plus size model. Nia Jax has struggled with a number of allegations surrounding her fight and how some of her colleagues have struggled with post-fight injuries.

Who is Nia Jax Dating: Wrestler Still Dating Luke Gallows?

Despite maintaining a separate personal life and not making it too ostentatious on social media, the tabloids still don’t know much about Nia’s whereabouts. However, a few years ago, former Raw champion Luke Gallows took to social media to confirm that he is dating Nia Jax.Read more: who is pink in 2016 | Top Q&ANia’s relationship with Luke Gallows was the only one made public through a Twitter announcement. Also, no one knows about Nia’s current relationship status. However, this relationship was only a short one as Nia Jax soon called it over. Rumor has it that Nia wants a private life and doesn’t want the world to know about her romantic abode. The Real Housewives of New Jersey Part 11 The Stars Dating History

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Fans saw an old video of Nia Jax fighting an AEW star

While Nia Jax has been surrounded with a number of allegations of being dangerous enough in the ring, WWE recently posted an old video of Nia Jax fighting Britt Baker and becoming the clear winner. WWE often posts some old videos, and the videos soon become the talk of the town. This video shows how Nia Jax enhanced her victory while the opponent struggled to make it clear that it was a fight against her. Q&A— WWE Statistics (@wwe_stosystem) May 29, 2021 However, the video comes during the time Nia Jax was branded as an unsafe worker. These accusations were repeated quite a few times as fans witnessed Jax throw a punch in the face of Becky Lynch. Then it was reported that she was seriously injured with a broken nose! These allegations have been made for quite some time as Nia is said to have injured some of her opponents which resulted in some brutal injuries.

Wrestler sparks dating rumors with Mike Rome?

Although there is no news that Nia Jax and Mike Rome are good friends, many people believe that there is more to it. There have been photos of the two posing for the camera, but it seems the rumors are just a hoax and the two aren’t automatically involved. Nia Jax was previously linked with Josh Woods. After breaking up with Woods, she moved to Luke Gallows. Nia Jax opened up about her dating life with the Bella twins on an episode of Total Divas. Then the twins decided to introduce the WWE star to some of the potential single men out there! The episode is about Nia’s friends helping her into the dating pool.Nia Jax datingNia Jax’s current relationship status is severely unsettled as the wrestler likes to keep it that way. Furthermore, Jax is more focused on his upcoming skirmishes at this point. While there hasn’t been any confirmation of it, the wrestler has previously struggled with a traumatic relationship where she was abused. This could be a big reason why the star likes to keep her personal life out of the media spotlight.

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