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Amanda Freitag is an American chef known for serving as a judge on the reality television series Food Network Chopped. She is also the co-host of American Diner Revival with Ty Pennington. Thanks to her appearances on many television shows, Amanda was noticed. She appeared on the 2009 Martha Stewart Show and also offered recipes for the show’s fifth season about breast cancer, which has now been cancelled. . She also competed in the second season of Next Iron Chef, where she lost to Bobby Flay. Amanda returned to the show in 2012 and lost to Alex Guarnaschelli in its fifth season. That same year, she starred in an episode of Iron Chef America alongside Madison Cowan, who won the show edited. In 2015, she co-hosted the American Diner Revival series, a Food Network series, with Ty Pennington.ALSO READ: Mark Trumbo Wife, Age, Salary, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index

Biography of Amanda Freitag


Amanda Freitag was born on May 11, 1972, in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, USA, the daughter of her mother Kathleen and her father Paul. Amanda grew up with two older brothers, Jason and Justin. She attended Cedar Grove High School, a public high school formerly known as Memorial High School. She enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America. She then went to the Culinary Institute of America and graduated in 1989. After graduating, she was hired for a famous French-Taiwanese restaurant, Vong in New York.


Freitag worked under Jean-Georges Vongerichten during his time in Vong until 1994, when he ran restaurants in various capitals around the world. He owns several cookbooks. Eventually, Amanda left Vong and went to work in Verbena under the direction of chef Diane Forley. Diane is the owner of Verbena and Garden Restaurant. She is the head chef of New American Kitchen. Amanda Freitag has traveled to Italy and France after finishing her stint at Verbena and Garden Restaurant. She briefly stayed in Paris, France and worked at Alain Passard’s Restaurant L’Arpege. After accumulating experience in France, Amanda returned to the US to work with restaurant consultant Godfrey Polistina and in 2003 opened a restaurant called Cesca Enoteca and Trattoria Restaurant. The restaurant is located on the Upper West Side of New York City and serves Italian American cuisine. She works as a chef in a restaurant.

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Executive Chef Position

When Friday finally left Cesca, she took on the position of Executive Chef at Harrison, a modern American restaurant of the season. She worked there until 2010 when owner Jimmy Bradley returned and assumed the position of Executive Chef. Four years later, Amanda took up the position of Executive Chef at Empire Diner in Manhattan, where she worked for a year. Empire Diner is a trendy and nostalgic restaurant.Read more: who does the soft-boiled man marry | Top Q & AIn In addition to her culinary skills, Freitag is also a prolific writer and has written a cookbook titled The Chef Next Door: The Recipes of a Professional Chef for Fun, Fearless Cooking at Home. The aim of the book is to boost the confidence of the readers and give them joy in their home cooking. This is a comprehensive hands-on book with information, techniques, and over 100 recipes from the Food Network.Image source

Is Amanda Freitag Married? – Husband and Family

Amanda likes to balance her personal and work life; She likes to keep her private life behind the curtains. In addition to her passion for cooking, she also enjoys traveling the world and collecting restaurant menus for her collection.ALSO READ: Who exactly is Dustin McNeer? Here are 5 facts you need to knowNot much is known about Amanda’s relationships, her husband, her marriage or her friends. It is rumored that she has been in a relationship for six years with an ultrasound technician, Raphael, and that she is frequently seen traveling together. Since these were just rumors and could not be verified, they eventually died out. Since there is no information about the men in Amanda’s life, she is always questioned about her gender, and Freitag does not reveal much about her family. In an interview, she once mentioned that her nieces are her favorite chefs that she can cook with. They are Lizzie and Meagan, 11 years old and 14 years old respectively. That’s all she can reveal about her family because of her tight-lipped nature. Read more: Who is the woman in the mercedes-Benz 2021 advertisement

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