Who is Randy Moss’s Wife? Libby Offutt (Ex) & Lydia Moss

Video Who Is Randy Moss Married Not everyone gets a taste of their first love, or let’s say, their high school sweetheart. Few people get it, but we couldn’t find a more fitting story than Randy Moss’s story to discuss this here among those who don’t. Many people wonder, who is Randy Moss’s wife? Libby Offutt or Lydia Moss! Well, to talk about it is Libby Offutt, his high school sweetheart. However, like fairy tales do not exist; Likewise, their love for each other soon flared up. In general, they are no longer together.Wife of Randy Moss (Lydia Moss)As you can see, everything about the woman is private, from her early life, education, family, work and even her Instagram account. Sorry! Therefore, I will be brief about her journey and her relationship with her husband. Overall, we will summarize their ongoing happy life as a couple. Not to mention, any additional information beyond this article that you know of can be shared with us in the comments section below.

A brief look at Randy Moss


In addition to our familiarity with Randy Moss, we felt obliged to introduce exactly who he was to the confused people. Born on February 13, 1977, Randy is a former professional football player, now a color analyst. football player, he has played for teams such as the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers as a wide receiver.Randy MossRandy MossIn total, his career spanned 14 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). At the end of the day, his career stats are 982 tackles, 15,292 yards received, 15.6 yards per reception and 156 touchdowns. NFL’s one-season touchdown record for a rookie and the NFL’s regular-season touchdown record. Likewise, some of his Central American Conference football awards are MAC Most Valuable Player and MAC Offensive Player of the Year. Then, after football, he moved on to work as an analyst for Fox Sports 1’s Fox Football Daily show. North Carolina, so he ended up being an ESPN studio analyst for shows their Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown.

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Libby Offutt

Most of us know about Randy Moss and ex-girlfriend Libby Offutt’s puppy love, their relationship, and their sad ending. Born November 1, 1975, Libby Offutt’s birth name is Elizabeth Ann Offutt, for illustration she is Margarette and Frank Montgomery Offutt, raised with her older sisters, Jennifer and Angela. swimmer and became a fan of the sport while attending Saint Albans’ High School in West Virginia.Libby OffuttLibby OffuttAfter that, Libby continued her education at DuPont High School. Apparently, DuPont High School is where she first met Randy Moss and started dating. As the news sparked around, the duo suffered backlash due to their negative views on interracial relations. Randy Moss got into a fight once because he was mocked for this relationship, in addition, he was arrested for fighting and even threatened for winning a scholarship to the University of Notre Dame.


The taunts they face in their relationship are more intense when they have their first child. While still a high school student, Libby Offutt gave birth to her daughter Sydney Nikale Moss on March 6, 1994. into a domestic violence case. When he did, he threw hot water on Libby Offutt. ‘However, they have a lot of children like Senali Moss, Thaddeus Moss, Montigo Moss and Sylee Moss. After the breakup, Offutt had to receive a title that never stopped. – Randy Moss (@RandyMoss) December 27, 2016 In 2016, Randy Moss tweeted that his ex-girlfriend, Libby Offutt, spent about $4 million on drugs. Furthermore, to help her tell the truth, she declared that she was completely clean in 2007, however, it doesn’t end here. Randy Moss has revealed more about how Libby asked him to end his NFL career and take care of the kids. Randy and his new wide Lydia didn’t let her see them.

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Lydia Moss

Full name Lydia Griffith Moss, she is a dark-skinned woman with short black hair. To illustrate, Moss had a pixie cut and had a small, oval face with similar dark eyes. like I said before, her details are not visible. 2015. So far, this duo has been very strong together. Read more: Who is Shemar Moore’s girlfriend? Is he married yet? His wife is Lydia in 2018.

Randy Moss | Kids

As discussed earlier, Randy Moss has 5 children from his previous relationship with Libby Offutt. According to the source, their eldest child is Sydney Moss, a NCAA Division III Thomas More College basketball player. His son Thaddeus Moss was a soccer player who attended Boone County High School, then he attended St. Albans and then Lincoln High School. He was then transferred again to Victory Christian Center High School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Real value

Out of the entire Moss family, Randy Moss is the only one known for his professional work. As of 2021, Moss has a net worth of $25 million, with $6.5 million as his median annual salary. Jordan and Livewire Ergogenics.You may be interested Jacoby Jones | NFL, Net Worth, Son, Wife, Facts & Instagram >>


Currently, Randy Moss resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her family. Before living here, the duo lived in Lincoln, Rhode Island, after that, he paid $ 1,250,000 for the house built in 2000. three-story garage. They then sold the house and moved to Charlotte in 2014.


Randy Moss dedicates what he earns, to his family, to his state, and to the needy. Overall, Moss is quite generous in helping provide backpacks for children in need and donating to activities off the field.Randy Moss for kidsRandy Moss for kidsIn addition, he also sponsors a youth group called “Randy’s Purple Pioneers.” In addition, he also started the Rew Rewards Excellence program, which rewards students who work hard in the school.

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Social media

Instagram (Randy Moss) – 620k FollowersTwitter (Randy Moss) – 369.6k Followers Instagram (Lydia Moss) – 285 Followers

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