What is leg day at the gym? (And why do people skip it?)

The gym leg workout day has become so famous it’s basically a meme. Read: why people skip leg day “Leg day, man!” … “Don’t skip the day!” … “I died after practice day!” etc. If you’re new to exercise and gym, you’re probably wondering: What’s a leg day? And why is everyone talking about “skip days”?Leg days are (usually) one day per week, depending on the training program you follow, where you train your legs primarily. On leg day, you usually do a few leg exercises like:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Foot Extensions
  • Foot press
  • Calf lift
  • And more

It’s quite common for most shows to be midweek in length. For example, Wednesday is a really popular day to work out the legs. If you train 3 times per week, that gives you plenty of time to rest your upper body Monday through Friday. It all depends.

Leg day explanation (and what to do on leg day)


To understand foot days, you must understand the art and science of building an exercise program.Without the help of drugs and steroids, our muscles will self-heal, repair, and eventually grow after a strength training session between 36-48 hours post-workout.That means, yes, it’s really important to rest after a workout. Even hitting the same muscle group every other day will push it up.

  • Impede your recovery
  • Make you hit the gym with less than 100% strength

From there, you need to know that most (not all) training programs divide workouts into upper body days and lower body days. lower), or just basic parts like arms, chest and shoulders, legs, etc. Can you work all your muscle groups at once? Sure! A lot of people swear it boosts stamina and works better. , chest, shoulders and back are given a little rest so as not to be hit directly.

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What exercise is good for the legs?

It’s really hard to beat the dumbbell back squat when it comes to leg exercises for mass gain. Read more: Do cats eat kittens? | Regular Top Q & ABut (again, depending on the program you do) you’ll hit your feet for the day with some big compound moves like: Followed by some isolation exercises on quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. That might look like:

  • Foot Extensions
  • Foot press machine
  • Leg curling machine
  • Calf lift
  • Et cetera.

But that only scratches the surface. The training programs I’ve used (this is my favorite for fast muscle gain) tend to favor single leg movements like:

  • Bulgarian squat exercise
  • Lunges
  • Pulmonary inversion
  • Pistol squats
  • And more

Why would anyone want to skip the day off?

Exercises for the legs everydayBecause it works hard! Think about it… Feet are one of the most powerful parts of your body. Your glutes, hamstrings, and glutes are big muscles that can move heavy weights. it’s really, really hard if you do it right. died.)On top of that, the legs are a less attractive muscle group than the chest, shoulders, and arms.So you can stay away from the occasional butt workout for your legs. Anyway, until shorts season approaches… And the final reason people like to skip leg day? It hurts like hell for a few days afterwards!

Why do feet make you so sore?

Leg pain the next day is a common practice in the gym. Everyone does it at some point! But why does leg training leave you sore the next day? Luckily, I have a whole article on the subject: Why You’re Sore After a Work Day and What to Do About It. But here is the short answer:

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Your legs have large muscles that need a lot of resources and rest to recover:

A smaller muscle group, such as your biceps, can recover quickly because it doesn’t take as much resources or time to repair damage done in the gym. body! They need plenty of time, rest, calories, protein, hydration, and more to get you back on track (sometimes literally). Read more: why do cats walk on you | Top Q&A That’s why it’s so common to be barely able to walk because of sore feet after all day.

Your legs can lift heavy weights

Chances are your strongest lifts are all leg or lower body movements. For example, people can squat to double what they sit, and deadlifts even more. on your muscles and nervous system. It takes time to recover from that job.

You use your feet for so many things!

I believe foot pain is only slightly more noticeable than aches and pains in other parts of the body because legs are so important to your daily life. Example: daily. When your foot hurts, you can bet you will feel it. That’s all my best advice.

Even so, is it okay to skip the ride?

I will not give up this habit.

  • Build muscle (duh)
  • Develop functional strength (thinking, picking things up)
  • Injury prevention (strengthens around joints and tendons)
  • Develop explosiveness and sport

You’d better learn to deal with pain and misery than miss out on all the benefits of a leg day.


Look. Your day is hard, exhausting, and painful. , why people hate it, why people skip leg day, and most importantly, why you shouldn’t. face, check out one of my favorite lean builders for men.(You can also check out my full guide to more gym terminology.)Read more: Why are there so few volcanoes in the Himalayas? (Everything you need to know) What is foot day at the gym? (And why do people ignore it?)

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