Why Adidas Is Better Than Nike

Never afraid to tackle big problems, we learn about the sneaker game’s biggest competitor: The Three Stripes VS. The Swoosh. Why is this better than the other? Which comes out on top – as our heavy and light illustrations show – in the final battle of the brands? 9 reasons why adidas is better than Nike. Read the story, then Read the reverse view here.You think the Swoosh dominates the sneaker game? We’re not so sure. Because the German sneaker giant with the Three Stripes has a deep history, incredible shoe designs in its inventory and more stories to offer than just how to get the next Yeezy. your. Here are 9 reasons why adidas better than Nike.Read: Why adidas is better than Nike1. adidas on the road again. It’s not the oldest sports brand on the planet, but no other has had such a profound impact in such a long time. Although the Herzogenaurach-based company in its current form dates back to 1949, the Dassler brothers’ shoe factory was founded in 1924. Memorabilia from sports history alone would have been possible. fills a museum – and is without a doubt the richest vault of all sports franchises.adidas_archive_07719-jpg__640x0_q85_crop-smart_subject_location-2422782. The spirit of the founder. Think of it this way: Throughout her life, Adi Dassler wanted to build the best equipment possible for athletes. That man was a rower and an athlete. No other founder in sports history understands the needs of athletes better than he. He was quick to spot flaws and experiment with new technologies. He is obsessed and the fruits of his labor are impressive. if you visit adidas todayThis is the spirit you will see. wm-54-adidas-bauer3. It has the World Cup “The Miracle of Bern”. What a beautiful story. Germany is full of war as the weaker gets confidence and wins 1954 FIFA World Cup. Why did they win? Because Adi Dassler provided the winning boot for the game against Hungary. Again, innovation and founder spirit at work.Read more: why some vegetarians eat fish | Top Q&A adidas-archive-argentinia-side4. Three Stripes – unique logo with function. That’s right, originally Three Stripes were added to the upper to hold the shoe together and provide stability. No invented marketing story, no expensive design research, just three stripes on the face of a shoe – hard to believe. adidas-originals-gazelle-promotion-archive5. It has many of the best and greatest classics in the archives. Decades before Nike launched their first running shoe, adidas innovated and wrote sports history. The brand has created classics in various fields such as Gazellethe Super starthe Samba and more before Nike was officially established. Many sneakers from half a century ago still have a solid force to this day. adidas_the_olympic_pacesetters6. The Three Stripes wrote sports history. If you look at founder Adi Dassler, you can go back to the 1930s. American sprinter Jesse Owens won four gold medals in Dassler-made shoes at the 1936 Olympics. And remember that at the 1972 Olympics, 78% of competitive athletes wore adidas – and in 1984 even 89%! rs-138356-007-run-dmc-1355265722Read more: why do cats tilt their heads | Top Q&A7. adidas made Hip-Hop history with both Run DMC and Beastie Boys. And we’re talking about the foundations of modern rap. The love story includes album covers, product endorsements, “My Adidas” song and that moment when Run DMC held up a pair of adidas shoes in front of 40,000 people at a concert. adidas_x_kanye-west_confirmation_app8. adidas has Kanye. No need to go into details, because you know it all. Kanye West Probably the most influential artist on the planet right now and sports adidas – even though he doesn’t have the stripes Yeezy line. bildschirmfoto-2016-11-24-um-13-13-249. adidas has Boost and NMD. Enhancement is the cushion innovation of our times and one of the few technologies in recent years that has really made a difference. The NMD on the other hand is the most successful sneaker design on the planet right now. Combine the two and you have an incredible success story that is sure to continue into the future.As for 9 reasons why adidas better than Nike – do you agree? Like the story? Then read the reverse view here: Why Nike is better than adidas.Read more: why elements in the same group have the same properties

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