Vegan sweet potato dessert recipes

Sweet Potato Vegan Dessert Recipe Video From ice cream to cookies to marshmallows to cupcakes, the incredibly nutritious sweet potato candies have their place even in desserts!Read: Vegan Sweet Potato Dessert Recipe


Hi, I’m Brandi and I’m obsessed with sneaking sweet potatoes in my dessert. I really feel like in today’s filing that “warning” must be included. I’ve been doing it for over 5 years and no results in sight, sorry, haha. Looks like you really enjoyed my last 2 compilation posts… 20 Vegan Recipes to Wow Non-Vegetarians have resulted in perhaps the most website visitors that a single post entirely new ever had 13 My Best Vegetarian Potato Soup Recipe was also a huge hit You may need to see I’m just a little obsessed with put potatoes in dessertespecially candy potatoes, since the way again when… .2012. Potatoes are my very favorite at all meals and if I don’t have potatoes in the house, a real panic attack is on the horizon. So while I already have dozens of potato-based savory recipes, I can only start putting them in dessert. I need to say that, when used in the right amount, it gives desserts extra moisture, texture and even flavor. 12 vegan desserts using sweet potato! By the way, I don’t use large amounts of potatoes (aside from the chocolate-covered pudding) in every of those recipes because it’s by no means DELICIOUS like candy potatoes, but it’s pretty supportive. moisture, texture, texture and pure sweetness, yet there’s nothing like eating a candy potato. They are simply as stylish as desserts.Chocolate Mexican Pudding with Potatoes… Simply enough to show off your physique and fatness, but not enough to detect potatoes. I don’t need mashed potatoes for dessert, lol.vegan chocolate sweet potato pudding in a glass bowl Dark Chocolate Candy Potato Chipsvegan dark chocolate chipotle fudge square in white bowlVegan Chocolate Chip Potato Tartslice of chocolate sweet potato cakeRead more: Healthy air fryer dessert recipeGluten-free vegan oatmeal cookies… It’s my newest cookie, sent where I used candied potatoes and nut butter to keep it moist. Completely tested.some vegetarian iced oat cookies with drizzle on a cooling rackSweet Potato Chips Chocolate Chip MuffinsInside view of soft sweet potato muffinsCinnamon Baked Potato CandyInside the soft setting of a vegan sweet potato waffle muffin with caramelCaramel Potato Candy… Sure, caramel. That’s what you’ll want to put on the muffins above… ..oh, and more!small spoon sweet potato caramel in small potVegetarian candy potato pancakesstack of sweet potato pancakes with syrup and walnuts on topMint cream chocolate chip sweet potato… The one that started it all, haha! My first recipe (dessert) uses candied potatoes again in 2012.spoon of vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream in a glassPumpkin roll with cinnamon… .Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/vegan sweet potato pumpkin pie with whipped cream4 ingredients Chocolate Ice Cream… For those who don’t know this, but, you must be a brand new subscriber, lol! It was my hottest ice cream.Stacked glass ice cream cones with vegan chocolate ice cream5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Ice Cream... this was not long after the successful application of the type of chocolate.2 tablespoons vegan peanut butter ice cream in a white bowlBlondies Chocolate Chip Caramel Sweets… In case you’re questioning how good these are, don’t. Simply find out the comments on the back of the site. That might convince you.blonde chocolate caramel sweet potato with caramel drippingVegan Toffee Candy Potato Fudgestack of toast sweet potato toffeeYou’ve got it… my obvious obsession with candy potatoes. If this doesn’t make you want to go buy tons of sweets, I don’t know what will. You’re both drooling while reading this or are treating me like a big deal. , so it deserves a point. This has been quite successful with all of you and your kids, so for those who haven’t tried it yet, but give it a try!Vanilla Cream Vegan Birthday CakeVegan vanilla birthday cake with whipped creamRead more: Easy dairy free dessert recipes

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