Trailer Leaf Springs – Technical Information

CLICK HERE to buy Leaf Springs and Spring Hardware TrailerRead more: how to measure trailer leaf springs Read more: how to increase horsepower on an outboard engineHOW TO MEASURE THE SPRING LEVELSSpring joints are available according to its shape and type (double eye, slipper open end, slipper hook end, sandal flat end or slipper radius end), Length and Width. Count the number of leaves, each layer of spring metal is considered a leaf. Measure the length of the spring when the spring is not loaded (jacked on the trailer by the frame), this is the free length of the spring. Measure from the center of the front bush in a straight line to the center of the rear bush for DOUBLE FACE leaf springs, or to the furthest point inside of an OPEN leaf spring. Measure from the center of the front bush in a straight line to the end of the spring for HOOK-END, FLAT-END and RADIUS END leaf springs. The inner diameter of the bushing in the mounting eye of the spring needs to match the shackle bolt and the spring hanger hole used to mount the spring. 9/16″ inner diameter is the most common size, but some older trailers used 1/2″ bushings/bolts. Most leaf springs we sell include an ID 9/16″ bushing in the closed eye, however some are supplied with ID 1/2″ paired with two 2,000 capacity springs lb or more. Read more: how to open plastic paint cansHow to measure the leaf spring of the trailerTrailer Spring Leaf Mount OptionsRead more: how to get rid of ingrown hair scars on black skin

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