This Is Why Your Internet Sucks

See more from CNET Magazine. Mark Mann When we first got access to the Internet, it was not uncommon to have to wait 5 minutes or more to make a connection. Today, however, our eyes bulge with frustration when a web page doesn’t load for a few seconds. a photo on Facebook. But what happens when your Wi-Fi signal is supposed to be strong, but the pages still load dizzyingly slow? Here are some of the most common reasons why your Internet is down.

At home

You have one Outdated plans bring slow speed. If you haven’t changed your service in a few years, call your internet service provider and check to see if you’re on the best plan for your individual needs. With fiber optic technology and gigabit plans becoming more and more popular, you might be surprised by what has changed since you first signed up. too far from router. For many households, a single router hidden in a corner is not enough. Having your router in a high, centralized location helps, and you may want to consider network extenders or upgrade to more: Explain why genetic status can’t be changed. It may be time to upgrade the router. Josh Miller / CNETDo you have an outdated router?. While routers can wear out over time, there’s a good chance that older routers can’t take advantage of new standards, such as 802.11ac, that can handle faster speeds. Check your router’s specs and consider upgrading if it’s several years old. Not sure where to start? Refer to our router buying guide for help.Involvement, in most cases, is out of your hands. Many electronic devices around your house, such as Bluetooth devices, smart home appliances, and even microwave ovens, operate around the same 2.4GHz frequency as your router. If you live in an apartment complex, you may also experience interference from other wireless networks nearby. Fortunately, many modern routers are equipped with the less-used 5GHz band and will use the channel with the least interference upon reboot. Try powering on the router if your Wi-Fi is in crawl mode or use the Wi-Fi analyzer to check the best channel and then set the channel manually using the admin portal of the router.

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On your phone

Just because the icon shows you’re in a strong business area doesn’t mean you can watch that YouTube video without buffering. Before throwing your phone into frustration, consider the following culprits for pokey connections.internet-sucks-3Your phone’s signal meter doesn’t always tell you everything. Taylor Martin / CNET You are in a poor coverage. Your phone’s wireless signal indicator is not always accurate. To get a better picture of your signal strength, you’ll need to read it in dBm or decibel-milliwatts. But don’t stress, this is easy to find, at least on Android phones. It is usually under Settings>About phone>Status, although the exact location will vary slightly by manufacturer. Your signal reading will vary between -50dBm and -120dBm, and the closer to -50dBm, the better your signal will be. Sorry, iPhone users ($384 at Amazon): In iOS 11, Apple removed dBms reading from Field Test mode. Read more: why is youtube not working on my roku | Top Q&AYou are in a Crowded area or at a big event like a concert. When this happens, wireless traffic can be routed through a single tower, creating a bottleneck. It’s also the reason that you can never call at a festival to find a lost friend. Apart from leaving this area, there is not much more you can do to solve this problem. adjusted by your carrier. This is increasingly common with the reinvention of “unlimited” data plans with fine print to read. If you exceed a certain amount in a billing cycle, your carrier reserves the right to adjust your rates until the next billing month.

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On public Wi-Fi

You go to a coffee shop near your house to work or study, only to find the internet is unbearably slow. It’s never been less irritating, and there are a few reasons why it could happen.why-your-internet-bad Taylor Martin / CNETSimply too many users on the net at the same time, especially if the cafe is crowded. It’s similar to the bottleneck you get at a crowded event, and there’s nothing you can do but try to find a less well-known store. slow connection. You will see this more often in smaller stores as internet business plans are usually quite expensive. Add a lot of people on an already weak network and you have a recipe for terrible internet speeds. too far from the access point. Just like at home, this will reduce your speed. Try moving around until you find a better connection. Read more: why is there static electricity in my headphones | Top Q&A

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