The Krabs Theory: Who’s Really the Mother of Pearl?

Video Why is his daughter krabs a whaleI’ve been a fan of “Spongebob” ever since the first episode premiered after the Kid’s Choice Awards in 1999. I was just a kid then and I’m definitely not old enough to be a fan at the time. conspiracy. However, even in my early days at the sponge, I knew something was up with Mr. Krabs and his daughter, Pearl. We all know there’s something the show’s writers are keeping from us.krabs theoryBesides his entire license, of course. No, I’m talking about something completely different. Crab is the father of whales? I know Spongebob isn’t known for being scientifically responsible, but even that is just outrageously silly for a franchise. Some say she was simply adopted, while others accept the nonsense that Mr Krabs actually has a wife who gave birth to a whale.krabs theoryBut I think the truth behind Pearl’s legacy was subtly explained to us throughout the show. There are plenty of hints and clues and I’m confident we can get to the bottom of this. It’s about to come true, guys. The best way to describe his personality is to explain his obsession with money. We all know he’s frankly a greedy man.krabs theoryOne thing I’ve always kept in mind about Krabs’ role in the Spongebob universe is the weirdness behind his profession. He has never shown himself to be a foodie, but he chooses to own and operate a fast food restaurant rather than a franchise. Just a single restaurant, which is fine and normal, but have you wondered why a guy with a lot of money (and a love for money) would choose food service as his main source of money?krabs theoryThe real secret is explained (somewhat) in the trailer for The Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Sponge out of Water, which will be released in just a few weeks. When this happens, Mr. Krabs explains that without the recipe (and Krabby Patties), the citizens of Bikini Bottom will descend into apocalyptic chaos.krabs theoryRead more: why is my tap water cloudy | Top Q&A I find this happening instantly in a hilarious fashion, but I was wondering why these fish are so obsessed with Krabby Patties. Then it hit me.There’s something about Krabby Patties that makes fish crave and crave it more than anything.We’ve seen this happen dozens of times on the show. Even Squidward, the sea’s biggest swinger, became addicted to these things after just one bite.krabs theoryThere is evidence of this even in the beginning of the show. The anchovies from the pilot episode had to resort to violence when no one could do them Krabby Patties. Mr. Krabs didn’t even want to hire Spongebob at first because whoever he brought in had to protect that formula at all costs. Chances are the recipe is nothing special. Just a ruse to make people believe Krabby Patties is special.krabs theoryEither way, Mr. Krabs purposefully created the recipe to create a restaurant that people had to visit every day for fear of losing their minds. Seems like a perfect plan, doesn’t it? It’s definitely classic Krabs. And the movie’s trailer suggests that the recipe comes from a magic book that allows you to “rewrite history”. Krabs may have developed the recipe to give him an addictive burger recipe. Classic, greedy Krabs.krabs theoryHowever, there is one thing that doesn’t add up if you insist that Eugene Krabs is only interested in money. There is one thing that seems to overcome this greed, and that is love and cherishWhen Mr. Krabs fell in love with Mrs. Puff, he spent his money recklessly to impress her. I remember watching this episode and realizing that I had never seen Eugene so passionate about something other than cash (or making it). Do we really think Krabs will pay the price and sacrifice to raise a child the way he wants? Now think logically, here. If Mr. Krabs adopts Pearl, he will have to pay a fee. Unless he’s already in love with Pearl (for some reason), this makes no sense given what we know about the guy.krabs theoryWhat about Mrs. Krabs? The show never mentions her, but one book mentions that she is Pearl’s mother. At one point, Mr. Krabs made it clear that “Pearl takes care of her mother.” I don’t think that’s the whole story. I think that’s what Mr. Krabs told Pearl (and by default, everyone else). But I don’t think he was actually married. After all, marrying someone will entail sharing your money with someone forever, and we’ve already seen that Krabs isn’t capable of that (hence his relationship with Mrs. Puff never. where to go) .Read more: Why Anakin really turned to the dark side | Top Q&AI isn’t the only one who believes this. Here’s an illustrated theory from GAF Comics titled “Mystery Solved”.krabs sponge theoryNow THIS is a theory I can get behind. Because it really fits the context of Eugene Krabs as a character. Do you know why? Another thing that we clearly know about Krabs is that he is afraid of being hooked. As Spongebob and Patrick play with the hooks, he becomes obsessed with stopping them.krabs theoryThat’s because he knows all too well the dangers of the surface. This even explains why Krabs wanted to be something of a cyborg in Spongebob: Sponge Out of Water. This is the kind of strength that makes him feel outwardly powerful because he is impervious to hooks and other human dangers. And you, why do you think he wants a metal shell for a superpower?krabs theoryAnd I think part of the fear and respect for hooks comes from an unexpected weakness: saving your adopted daughter from surface dangers. sacrifice for her. He cannot save her mother, but he will do whatever he can to save this young whale. Because it’s an homage to the saying, Mother of Pearls. The very quote that he said throughout the episode with sayings.krabs theory“Mother of the Pearl! Fire on the poop deck! “Another thing to consider is: where do pearls come from? From boys, of course. And what is the sign for Krusty Krab? A seashell. Mr. Krabs treasures the “pearls” because they are worth a lot of money, but to him, his daughter Pearl is priceless. Apparently, Krusty Krab’s mark is the equivalent of a trophy head on his wall.krabs theoryMr. Krabs is a complicated man, to be sure. He’s not perfect and his greed for money has been the source of many of the problems Bikini Bottom has faced over the years. Pearl, and Pearl’s mother. That just leaves me with one final question. Do you feel it now, Spongebob fans?krabs theoryRead more: why is rocket alliance so laggy | Top Q&A

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