The Witcher 3: How To Dye Armor

This guide will explain how dye your armor in Witcher 3. Dye allows you to customize the color of any part of your Witcher gear and is available as part of the Blood and Wine expansion. , featuring articles containing solutions to every quest throughout the game, as well as how to find every rare Witcher diagram.

Witcher 3: How to get the dye

Read more: how to make a filipina love you If you want some dye options, your best option is to visit the Dyes Trader in Beauclair. This merchant is found along the harbor east of the Port Gate. When you spot colorful blobs on the ground, you know you’re near. Find an area with many colorful dye pools. The Dye Trader will be standing nearby. Dye can cost around a thousand Crowns each, give or take, so make sure to carry a decent amount with you.If you don’t want to split the money, Dyes can also be robbed all over Toussaint. Some dyes can be found in different side quests, so be sure to thoroughly loot each location you visit for any dyes that may be hidden nearby. As long as you have the Blood and Wine DLC installed, the dye can also be obtained when loot drops from enemies. You can also craft dyes, as long as you have the proper dye scheme and ingredients.

How to use dye on your armor

Read more: how to disable samsung keyboard sound Once you have some dye in stock, you can use the preview function to see how the dye will look on a specific part of the Witcher device before making it show any changes. Choose the dye color along with the armor you want to dye. If you like how it looks in the preview, confirm the choice to dye the armor piece. Mix and match armor pieces with different dyes to create unique looks. Apply Bleach Dye in the same way as dye to revert your armor back to its original color. different colors. Check out our guide on how to find the Manticore Gear set to learn about the latest Witcher Gear in the Blood and Wine expansion. Read more: How to prevent windshield cracks from spreading.

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