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Video How to get married in sims freeplay This is a guide to getting married in The Sims Freeplay, it can be a bit confusing so hopefully this guide helps! First you need to unlock the ability to marry your sims, you do this by completing the Love in the Air Quest that unlocks from level 7 (you marry two sims in this quest so post This is just a supplement) If you complete the quest within the time limit, you’ll unlock the wedding dress and outfit so future sims can get married in style! Read: how to get married in sims freeplayThanks Ann for the photo! After completing the quest, adults and elders can get married, for this you need to choose romance options in each relationship level until you have the option to propose. The table below shows how long it takes to reach the next stage: CHOICE LEVEL OF Romance & TIME TO LOSE Strangers Romantic 1 minute 1 time Budding Romance Hand kiss 3 seconds Romantic 1 minute 18 times 3 times a day Kiss on the cheek for 2 seconds Romantic 1 minute 36 times 6 times Partner Propose 6 seconds It is in 1 minute of romance Woohoo Every 5 minutes Engaged Romantic 1 minute Woohoo 5 minutes Get married 6 seconds (when interactive bar is full) 6 times 4 times 1 time Married Romantic 1 minute Woohoo 5 minutesFor more details on all Relationships check out my post hereWhen you have the option to Propose, you’ll get a list of rings to choose from, starting from the cheapest to the most expensive:

  • Dinosaur Ring vending machine- S1,750
  • Mood Ring- S8,050
  • Silver Ring- 3LP
  • White gold ring- 6LP
  • Eternal Ring- 10LP
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    img 6536 1Read more: How to change tips on doordashWhich ring should I choose? I always choose the most expensive one, mainly because they usually say no if you buy cheap rings! Why waste more money just getting rejected?No 10LP for the ring? Check out my post here on how to make LP quicklyOnce they accept the marriage proposal, they will be engaged! They will then need to romance each other 6 times or fall in love 4 times before they will have the Live marriage option while you choose the marriage option:20160310-182249.jpgRead more: Telenor 2021 Balance Check Code – Balance Inquiry CodeThey will take the sim of the house they will be staying in so choose carefullyThey will have a quick kiss and then get married!Can my sim marry more than one sim? No, this is not possible, your sim needs to be divorced to get another sim. Divorce Articles can be found hereBuy me a coffee at topqa.infoRead more: How to use a well pump: Step by step instructions | Top FAQs about FREE SIMs © THEGIRLWHOGAMES.BLOG

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