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Brow waxing has become quite a popular trend since we saw Miley Cyrus do it a few years ago. This is the latest beauty trend, which is gentler and removes dark and thick eyebrows. However, lightening your eyebrows is not the easiest and will take some time and effort. Read on as I show you different ways on how to lighten eyebrows naturally! Read: how to lighten eyebrows naturally

How to lighten your eyebrows naturally


Eraser is the first method that comes to mind when lightening eyebrows. But besides bleach, are there any natural ways to make your eyebrows look brighter? Check out the following methods that you can easily follow:

1. Cut and shape

If you want bright brows, then you should know that it’s all about keeping your brows to a minimum. Of course, you shouldn’t pluck or wax your eyebrows completely, but clean them as much as possible. This will help your brows look brighter, and thinner, well-groomed brows will make it easier to lighten your brows using natural methods. . If it hurts, you can apply a topical numbing cream, use tweezers to cut the diagonal edge to pull the eyebrows into the shape you want. The eyebrows should frame the eyes, using your eyes as a guide to shape the brows. The other end of the eyebrow should end outside the imaginary lines from the outer cornea of ​​the eye. Make sure to use better lighting and a regular mirror, NOT a magnifying glass that can accentuate your brows excessively and cause you to pluck more. Use only a well-lit room to see how your brows look in normal and natural light. Step back a little now and then to check how your brows look from a distance.Read more: Accept: 5 Steps for Her to Go | Top Q & AI If you like the shape of your brows, you can pluck the sparse hairs about once a week. Otherwise, wait about three weeks before plucking your brows again to avoid over-plucking.

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2. Use Colored Pencils and/or Eyebrow Gel

The brow pencil doesn’t need to darken your brows, as long as you use the pencil a few shades lighter than your natural hair color. For example, if you have dark brown hair, choose a slightly warmer or lighter shade of brown. Fill in the brow with eyebrow pencil until it is completely covered. If you want a softer and more natural look, use a light eyeshadow instead of a pencil, then you should also fill in your brows with eyebrow gel, using a shadow similar to a powder. eyeliner or eyebrow pencil you used. carefully, do so just like you would with mascara. Shake the wand up as you start on the brow, then bend down as you follow the curve. Remember to blend and use a clean mascara to brush the brow hairs, letting them grow on their own.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

If you don’t like bleach or just want to see what lighter brows look like, hydrogen peroxide is a great solution. They are less irritating than retinoids or acids found in brow removers, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin. They can also have more control over the color you want, especially for those with red pigment in their hair. Follow these tips when doing so:

  • Saturate the Q-tip in hydrogen peroxide, making sure nothing drips out to prevent it from getting into your eyes. You may want to wear glasses or goggles that cover your eyes but expose your eyebrows.
  • Gently sweep the Q-tip over your brows, gliding over it in their natural direction.
  • Leave hydrogen peroxide on for up to half an hour. For those with light, fine or spacey brows, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. For those with darker or thicker brows, it will take more time. If so, you may have to reapply the hydrogen peroxide as it dries. You will begin to see the effects of the hydrogen peroxide and see when you have achieved the desired shine. Thin and light eyebrows will turn yellow. For eyebrows that are too dark, hydrogen peroxide will turn a reddish brown, not a yellow one.
  • Once you’ve got the shade you want, take a few cotton balls and place them in cold water. Wipe your brows to remove the hydrogen peroxide, then rinse your brows with cold water.
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    You can reapply every day and your brows will lighten on their own. I prefer this method because it gives more natural color, is less messy, and is inexpensive compared to eyebrow bleach. Read more: how to organize your itunes library by albumRead more: Can Vaseline Make Your Eyelash Grow?

    4. Chamomile tea

    Another natural method is to use chamomile tea, combined with lemon juice. This is a great way to lighten eyebrows if you don’t like chemicals, when making tea, pour a cup of boiling water into a chamomile tea bag, let it steep for an hour. Mix an equal part of lemon juice, stir well, apply the tea mixture to the eyebrows with a cotton swab. Repeat this method daily and this will gradually lighten the eyebrows. Watch this helpful video:

    Pack it up

    If you’re going to lighten your brows, you can start with natural remedies before using bleach. After all, this is a long-term commitment and you want to see what your lighter brows look like. With the right and sure ways, you can do it yourself and save money on going to the salon. Hope these natural eyebrow lightening tips help you. So don’t wait any longer and let’s start the beauty trend with lighter eyebrows! Read more: how to fly a box kite

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