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Tenga Eggs are simple, ultra compact sex toys for men packaged a bit like plastic Easter eggs and available in a wide variety of pleasing textures. I thought they were a funky concept at first—I have an aversion to anything food-related in a sexual context—but the opportunity to try out so many different new sensations without spending a ton of money was hard to resist. So, when I first learned about them, I ordered one of their 6-packs off Amazon—about $25. That first purchase was actually over five years ago and I’ve continued to re-order and incorporate them into my sex life—both partnered and solo—ever since.It turned out that there was a lot to love about these little “single-use” sex toys (they can be single-use but don’t have to be—keep reading) beyond just the awesome sensational variety. While there’s plenty to be written here about what each one feels like, it’s a whole list of attributes that keeps Tenga Eggs in permanent rotation despite also having an above-average investment in more expensive and durable Fleshlight products:Reading: how to use tenga eggThis report comes after incorporating Tenga Eggs into my sex life, both partnered and solo, for almost six years.Sometimes product reviews bring the reader along on a journey of discovery, but after nearly six years of using these things, I’m just going to get right to it: at as little as $7 a pop, if you have a penis or a penis-having significant other, Tenga Eggs are worth a try, especially if you or your male partner are new to sex toys, or if you need something supremely stashable or travel-friendly. For the more toy-experienced pleasure connoisseurs among you, I can’t think of a less expensive way to sample so many new sensations—and the variety doesn’t even end with just the textures—be sure to check out our illustrated “Egg Moves” under the Sensations header for tips on how to unlock even more enjoyment through different movements uniquely afforded by Tenga Eggs.

Design: small, simple, fun, approachable


One of the first things I thought was cool about these is that the packaging, the overall design, and even the size of the Tenga Eggs make them seem non-kinky for a sex toy. Like…yes, I think sex toys are a great thing and I run this sex blog, but otherwise I’m kinda modest.tenga egg wavy in handIf any number of other male products, including Tenga’s own Flip, or even one of the more discreetly designed Fleshlights, were to roll out from under my bed and come to rest at the feet of friends or family, I’d totally expect them to think “damn, that’s a serious sex toy” and then I’d have to decide whether I was going to own my pro-level masturbation career or jump out the window. Tenga Eggs, on the other hand, are so small, simple, and fun-looking that I really wouldn’t feel all that weird about tossing a new/unopened (of course) Tenga Egg to a close friend-in-need if it was somehow relevant.Even if you’re sexually vanilla, you should be able to deal with a Tenga Egg without blushing to death.If you (or your male partner) are new to sex toys for men, and especially if inhibitions have gotten in the way of exploring penis-centric pleasure products in the past, Tenga Eggs could be a great introduction to the whole experience because there is something about them that should be somewhat familiar to most guys even if they’ve never touched a sex toy.When you crack a Tenga Egg open and see the part of the egg that actually does all the feel-good stuff, the design concept isn’t really all that different from a condom—it’s a little rubbery thing that you stretch over your penis—a sexual accessory that most men already have some form of experience with. In fact, many guys try masturbating while wearing a condom at some point in their lives. It’s called a “posh wank”, partially because it contains the mess (much like Tenga Eggs). The Eggs are just much thicker, squishier, stretchier, ironically more sensual, and designed to be a direct source of pleasure on their own rather than something you’re trying to feel pleasure through. (To be clear though, these are NOT contraceptive devices. These are sex toys. Just saying the design idea is familiar.)

Possibly the most stashable and hideable sex toy for men

True story: I was at the grocery store one day. I reached into my pocket for my phone and realized I had accidentally left the house with a Tenga Egg.Remembering you have a sex toy in your pocket while waiting your turn behind a soccer mom to grab some frozen chicken nuggets out of a freezer is a strange and awkward feeling. Intentionally though, thanks to their compactness, Tenga Eggs have taken many trips with me stashed in my backpack, suitcase or toiletries bag, and I’ve never worried about them being discovered. (However, I’ve never gone through TSA security lines with them so not sure if they would trigger a bag check or not. I’ve only flown with them in checked luggage.)tenga egg backpack and backpackDay trips, weekend getaways, flights, business trips, and even romantic excursions—if I’m bringing my toothbrush, I’m probably also packing a Tenga Egg just in case. Though I’ve traveled a few times with one of the smaller Fleshlights, it hasn’t been quite as worry-free as traveling with an Egg.Likewise, if you’re in a co-living situation and you want to keep your sex toy a secret, Tenga Eggs are a Godsend. You can easily hide one of these inside of a sock.The moment I discovered Tenga Eggs, one of the first things I thought about was how great it would have been to have these while living in a dorm room in college. You can sneak them in, sneak them out, and stash them in tiny hidden places nobody looks. And if by some chance someone does discover your Tenga Egg…well, these suckers are just so small and cute, I fucking dare them to judge.

Tenga Eggs do look a bit curious though…

Although Tenga Eggs are super easy to tuck away, I wouldn’t exactly say they can practically be hidden in plain sight the way that maybe a Fleshlight Quickshot can be because why does a grown man have a bunch of white plastic Easter eggs? That’s just not a thing that most people have, so if someone sees it, they’ll probably ask about it. My explanation, should it ever some to this: “oh,um…that’s lip balm”. (There actually is a lip balm that looks a bit like an egg.)In fact, my casual carrying of a Tenga Egg has been halted by anxiety and caution any time I’ve been staying somewhere where there are young kids around. If a nosy little human sees a plastic egg in your stuff, they are going to want to check it out and you do not want to have to deal with that. So, keep that in mind and use good judgement dads, uncles, cousins, big bros and friends of friends with kids.

Unwrapping and opening a Tenga Egg

The plastic shell of each of the 23 (at last count) different varieties of Tenga Eggs is wrapped with a graphic representation of the texture/sensation that awaits inside the Egg. (We’ll dive into the textures and sensations in more detail shortly.) The wrapper easily breaks away with your fingernail, leaving you with a plain white egg displaying absolutely no branding or markings. The case itself opens and closes just like a plastic Easter egg.Inside you’ll find a soft, squishy, super-stretchy pouch—also egg-shaped—which is the part you actually use.egg cracking sequnce GIF squareThe soft pouch, which I’m referring to as “the Egg” from here on out, in turn contains a short little plastic mini tube carrying a single-use packet of lube that unfolds to be about the size of a condom package. You remove the tube from the Egg, keep and use the lube, and toss the little plastic bit into recycling.

Using a Tenga Egg

Once you’ve cracked it open and removed the little lube tube, you squeeze the lube from the included packet (or use your own favorite lube) into the entry of the soft pouch and just knead and squish around the outside to make sure the lube spreads around and coats the entire inside. Lubing yourself first isn’t really necessary, in my experience, if you just do a little bit of gentle twisting and squeezing while putting it on. As little amounts of lube from the inside of the Egg begin to make contact with the tip of your penis, things will naturally begin to glide.In fact, among the great things about Tenga Eggs is that if you’re careful, you can actually do the whole thing—start to finish—without getting any lube (or the mess at the end) on your hands, which is super helpful if you’re incorporating a phone or laptop into your activities.As you put the Tenga Egg on, continue to do a bit of twisting to help spread the lube. You’ll know when you’re good to start moving it up and down the full length. From there, you’ve got some options on how you can work it for different sensations.

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Pro tips: Tenga Egg moves

Due to their compact size and stretchiness, you can do things with the Tenga Eggs that you can’t do with a regular stroker or a toy that has a hard case. By changing the movement and pressure points of your hand and fingers, you can enjoy an even wider variety of exciting sensations. Here are some moves—some perhaps beyond the obvious—to explore on your own or even as a giving partner:Standard stroking…let the textures do the workThe most natural movement that will intuitively occur to you to try will probably be to just stroke it up and down over your penis using your fist, much like you would if you were masturbating with your hand.egg moves standard strokeYou’ll immediately notice it feels quite a bit softer, squishier, and sweeter than your hand, which was the goal of all of this in the first place, and then you’ve got a little bit of that satisfying sensation of being inside of something, which is also a big upgrade.However, be careful with how much pressure you apply when gripping this way. The more pressure you apply, the less distinctly you can feel the sensations of the textures doing their thing, and when you start letting the textures cause the stimulation instead of sheer pressure and friction, that’s when things really start getting interesting.Fingertip pushIn this variation of the above, the idea is to use your fingertips to gently stretch the Egg downward on your penis without applying a lot of pressure. This creates two noticeable effects.tenga egg moves finger pushFirst, because it’s a different way of moving, it simply feels less like it’s your own hand causing the motion, which as we all know, is always more exciting. Second, by applying less pressure all the way around, you allow the textures and shapes inside of the Egg to fully unfurl and cause the stimulation—essentially letting the textures do the work of making you feel good. This is when you’ll begin to discover some new sensations or, depending on which texture design you’ve got, you may enjoy feelings that are reminiscent of other experiences that you can’t normally have on your own. (More on this when we discuss the textures.)This more gentle application of pressure also helps to maximize the number of uses you can get out of a Tenga Egg if you intend to get more than a single use out of it. (Also more about this topic coming up.)Asynchronous fingertip movementSimilar in position to the above but different in movement, you apply gentle pressure in four different positions on top of the Egg surrounding the penis while moving your fingers in different combinations of orbital and vertical directions.egg moves asynchronous fingersRead more: Dragon wings how to drawLike the simple up-down finger push, this move brings out the unique qualities of each different texture, but with varying focus areas and movement in different sweet-spots. The effects are more pronounced with some textures and more subtle with others, but no matter what, the sensations resulting from this move are unique to Tenga Eggs. It’s not something you can do with any other toy that I can think of, and it feels unlike anything else I’ve ever felt, which is pretty cool for something that costs less than a fast food lunch.SwirlsIf you haven’t discovered the “frenulum swirl” method of masturbation, it’s where you apply gentle oscillating pressure with one or two fingers exclusively to the sweet spots right beneath the head on the underside of the penis.egg moves focussed finger swirls index middleThe result is a very rich and unique pleasurable sensation that seems to extend deeper into the core of your body. It can take a while to reach an orgasm this way but it’s worth the effort. Incorporating a Tenga Egg for this method is even nicer because it adds lubrication, silkiness, textures, padding, and subtle additional movements elsewhere around the penis at the same time. You can vary the position of the focused swirling movement to other areas, but you’ll keep coming back to the sweet spot on the underside.egg moves focussed finger swirls thumbThis move can feel similar to a tongue during oral sex, and is a great trick for partner play—shown above from a partner’s perspective using a thumb to cause the motion on the underside.Twisting and twirlingStart with your fingers in the same position as either of the first two moves above but instead of up and down movements or orbital movements, push down and then rotate the Egg around the penis—sort of like you were unscrewing the top of a water bottle.tenga egg moves twist and pushThen, you can switch it up by going in the other direction or by alternating the directions back and forth. You can also vary the distance of the downward stretch so as to align specific parts of the Tenga Egg’s texture with different sweet spots. Finally, you can also apply vertical movement to create a sort of wrap-around corkscrew motion along your full length.Wrist wobbleHave you ever put chalk on a pool cue? This move is kind of like that—it’s like a twisting and rocking motion at once, but in this case you’re making that motion around the Tenga Egg-covered head and frenulum of your penis. This is a move that is nice to throw in between some of the other moves because it’s really only doable when the Egg is up around the head or the top third of your penis.Combination movesAnd perhaps the best of all are combinations and sequences of all of the above—a couple of finger pushes, some twisting, some finger swirls, your fingers, a partner’s fingers, up, down, back and forth, round and round. You want variety? Here’s variety.tenga egg moves combo

Textures, varieties, and sensations

So many new sensations to discover—there are 23 different textured varieties of Tenga Eggs available at the time this article is being written. Of these, I’ve tried the six shown in the first row in the image below: Silky, Wavy, Twister, Spider, Clicker and Stepper.Basically, I’ve just been buying this same 6-pack over and over again, but you can buy them a la carte as well. Ready to try one? Just add Silky or Twister, two of the best, to your next Amazon order and it should come packaged like anything else.

Reviewed: the orginal Tenga Egg textures

In order of favorite to least favorite:SilkyThe all-around sweet spot. A natural sensation with a little something extra.If you’re going to buy just one to give this concept a try, this is the one I’d recommend—it’s my favorite.tenga egg silky inside outIt looks super simple, but sometimes less can be more. It’s a natural sensation (bordering on vagina-ish at times) that delivers a nice sustained flow of evenly distributed stimulation when moved up and down with fingertips. The texture’s multitude of orbital lines provide pleasing repetition as the material stretches downward, while the variation of the orbital angles translates into sensational variation.Movement via fingertips is highly recommended over a tighter fist grip because heavier pressure will smooth out this low-profile texture to the point where the sensations lessen in intensity. With this one, you really want to relax and let the texture do the work. The only down-side of this one is that you don’t get a lot of sensational variety with twisting or rotating motions the way you do with some of the others. However, when it comes to vertical movement, Silky delivers the feel-goods with honors.Find Tenga Egg Silky texture on AmazonWavyMy vote for most BJ-like (with the right technique).As you can tell from the photos, the graphics on the outside only vaguely represent the actual texture inside…tenga egg wavy inside out…because while the Wavy graphics depict small and compact texture, the reality is a much larger-scaled cascading series of what I’d coincidentally describe as lips—and a bit like lips they do indeed feel.You probably wouldn’t guess it by looking at it, but the Wavy texture is my vote for most BJ-like sensation among these Eggs. It might even be my pick for the best toy for approximating oral sex that I’ve encountered so far (not bad for $7-$8), though I’d describe it as a very gentle BJ. What Wavy’s waves do is created a series of subtle sub movements. You get the initial pleasant sensation of being taken in or surrounded, but that sensation is quickly followed by gentle trailing sensations and flutters that, especially if you add some twisting motion, can feel reminiscent of tongue movement. But you’ll want to go light on the grip or use your fingertips because with too much pressure you’ll miss out on the subtle extras that make this feel special.Wavy is especially nice in a partner play situation. There have been a few times when what I wanted was a BJ but all my partner really had the energy for was a HJ. In those cases, the Wavy afforded her the ease she needed and me the sweetness I craved, all without hardly disturbing the sheets.Find Tenga Egg Wavy texture on AmazonTwisterThe one to pick if you want to feel something new.As the name and design probably suggests, Twister’s super power is activated through twisting and rotational movements.tenga egg twister inside outUnlike Silky and Wavy, Twister feels utterly unique—not BJ-like, not sex-like—just its own sweet interesting thing.Capitalizing on textures that have a pattern running lengthwise is something I’ve been espousing in some of our Fleshlight reviews for quite a while because this is where you start to really break out of the same-ol-same-ol stroking sensations and start discovering some truly new sensations. Jerking off? Up and down. Blow job? Up and down. Fucking? Basically still up and down. Rotating the Twister Tenga Egg on your cock? Now that’s something new.It feels both pleasing and excitingly novel for stimulating friction to rotate around you, activating the feels relentlessly across the sweet spots in different order. Whereas you’re almost certainly used to feeling the sequence of tingling starting at the head and then to the frenulum (that OMG zone right below the head on the underside of the penis) and then moving downwards along the shaft towards the base, the Twister surprises you by lighting up all the zones at once moving sideways across them or in combination with downwards movements. If you want to start with something that feels different, start here.Find Tenga Egg Twister texture on AmazonSpiderA bit like Silky, a bit like Wavy—you really feel a stretchy sensation.Read more: how to make a bike basket for dogUmm…I hate the name. I don’t need the mental image of an arachnid on my dick before I masturbate unless I’m trying to not masturbate.tenga egg spider inside outBut I get it—the texture looks like a web. Sort of.Spider is sort of the all-purpose texture the way I see it (or feel it). It has raised ribbing that runs both horizontal and vertical, so you catch some nice sensations no matter how you move it—stretched and stroked or twirled and twisted. Where Spider really shines though is with this “Wrist Wobble” move, which takes advantage of both the horizontal and vertical sensations at once. See more about that in the “movements” section.If I recall correctly, this was the first Tenga Egg I ever tried and it impressed me enough that I wanted to try more, but it has since fallen rank in my list. It’s still good but somewhat a less intense version of Silky, so not drastically different.Find Tenga Egg Spider texture on AmazonClickerNeeds just the right finger technique to feel exciting.Much like Wavy, the reality inside the Clicker is far fewer and much larger nubs than the graphical representation suggests.tenga egg clicker inside outAlthough I’ve been happy enough to enjoy Clicker as part of this set, it isn’t one I would likely order again a la carte. It’s not because it’s “bad” per se, but I just don’t find it nearly as stimulating and exciting as the others above. In that sense, however, perhaps this would be a good option for some of you who are extra sensitive to direct stimulation on the head, such as I’ve read can be the case sometimes if you’re uncircumcised (which I’m not).Clicker does have one really good trick though that the others don’t, and that’s when you get a cluster of the nubs surrounding the area just below the head of the penis and do a variation of the Wrist Wobble and the Asynchronous Finger Movements such that they are rolling around all the nice spots. It feels a little freaky—like four tongue tips all doing different things, but it’s a freaky kind of nice.Okay, now that I’ve been thinking about it, I probably will order another one of these a la carte. I forgot about that move with the Clicker and writing about it is making me remember how nice it is. Next…Find Tenga Egg Clicker texture on AmazonStepperThe most gentle of the six. Feels fluttery with a light touch.If you were to cut Wavy into pieces and distribute them around like the staggered pattern of the nubs in Clicker you get Stepper.tenga egg stepper inside outThe sensation, especially with twisting moves or asynchronous finger moves is sort of fluttery. With light pressure, these little lippy things can feel quite interesting—almost a pleasurable and light tickling sensation will feel subtle against some of your zones but pronounced in others at the same time. It’s a multitude of little stimulating movements all around, which is quite a different sensation than your average wank.With standard stroking movements, Stepper delivers a sensation that is similar to Silky, but a bit less intense and with more variation. With most of these textures, using a light touch yields more pronounced results, but varying the pressure with Stepper results in a bit more variety, i.e., you feel a little bit more with a standard grip than you do with some of the others.Find Tenga Egg Stepper texture on Amazon

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A few other variations

Just as an FYI, I haven’t tried them myself yet, but in addition to quite a few additional exciting textures recently released in the second-generation 6-pack, there are also some variations on the softness of the material (the Hard Boiled pack is thicker and less stretchy), and a “Cool Edition” that includes a cooling lubricant.

Tenga Eggs are fantastic for partner play

If you think sex toys are just for solo masturbation, think again—they greatly expand the possibilities for couples and partners beyond the hum-drum hand-job or sometimes even the familiar BJ. However, some toys—especially larger and heavier male toys—can be a little awkward or challenging for a partner to handle. Tenga Eggs, on the other hand, are easily among the very best male toys for partner play that I’ve encountered.

  • The small size make them easy to use with one hand or fingertips
  • Feels intimate because you can still feel pressure from your partner’s hand and your partner can feel the contours and response of your penis
  • The mess is completely contained (if you want it to be) when you cum
  • With some creativity, can double as a female toy

Tenga Eggs are a particularly fast and easy route to more exciting and satisfying handjobs. Depending on the texture, they can make a handjob feel more like oral or even full penetration than a return to “third base”, which comes in handy when partners need a form of non-penetrative sex for various reasons. Beyond that, they can even cause sensations that fall into their own unique categories—some so nice that you may find yourself (or your partner) craving handies more often.

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Women can enjoy the feeling of a Tenga Egg too!

To add to the Tenga Egg’s versatility, a Tenga Egg can be turned inside out so that its texture is on the exterior. (Bet you didn’t see this one coming!) Stretch it over your fingers, add some lube, and glide it around gently over the clitoris for sensations that can come very close (so I’ve been told) to a skilled tongue, depending on which texture you’re using. Or, you can take it a step further and insert a small vibe into the inside of the inside-out Egg, or even stretch the reversed Egg over the head of a Hitachi Wand style vibe.This is something that can obviously be enjoyed solo or as partner play as well. Tip: use the technique above for her, then flip the Egg outside-back-in and give a go for the male partner.

Tenga Eggs are single-use…unless you reuse them

I just can’t, in good conscious, generate that much trash from masturbating.Tenga markets the eggs as a disposable single-use sex toy and it’s true that if it is ultra-convenient in your situation to be able to dispose of the evidence immediately, then by all means, when you’re done, you can just stuff everything back into the little plastic shell, close it up, and toss it in the trash as if that little sex thing you just did never happened.But God damn, that seems awfully wasteful considering that unless you break it, you can actually wash it with toy cleaner, dry it, and get at least one, two, three or maybe more uses out of it before it eventually breaks or gets sticky and you have to throw it out. I typically get 3-5 uses out of one over the period of a week, so I think of them as more “limited use” than single use. I just can’t, in good conscious, generate that much trash from masturbating. At the very least, I urge you to at toss the non-soiled hard plastic items, the shell and the tube that holds the lube packet, into recycling instead of the trash with the rest of the waste.Of course, whether or not you actually can use one again and how many additional uses you can get depends entirely on how aggressively you use the Tenga Eggs and how well you clean them. I tend to use gentle fingertip movement because that brings out the character and sensation of the textures more, but a secondary benefit of being gentle is that the Eggs are usually still in good condition after a couple of uses. Though, I have broken through them a few times when being more aggressive or when the material has weakened from multiple uses. (It’s messy, but kind of a neat feeling at the same time.) So, they definitely have a limit.

Cleaning and care

It couldn’t be any easier. You just turn them inside out and rinse out the lube and the aftermath, then, if you want to re-use it instead of tossing it, spray both the inside and the outside with toy cleaner, squish it all around, rinse again, and set somewhere clean to dry. After a while, turn it inside out again to make sure the inside gets dry. Then, you can use it again or stick it back in the case until the next day.Just to be on the safe side, I wouldn’t extend the window of usage or storage to more than a few days or a week, and be sure to always inspect it closely before using it again to make sure it’s still 100% clean and fresh. The material will eventually start getting sticky and gross and you really want to be done with it before you get to that point, and as with just about anything that is exposed to moisture, there is always risk of mold or mildew developing on the material if the conditions are right—warmth, moisture, source of food, so you want to make sure they dry completely.


One of only two down-sides that I’ve found with the Tenga Eggs is that you get a bit of the “stirring the mac and cheese” sound when using the Tenga Eggs. It’s interesting though how the volume and character of the sound changes a bit from one texture to the next. The squish sound is the trade-off for having something so small and with so little material to muffle the sound of the business. I’m not a big fan of hearing that kind of thing because, again, I associate it with goopy food, but it doesn’t bother everyone and clearly it doesn’t bother me enough to ruin my enjoyment, given that I’ve been buying them steadily for six years.In terms of volume, fortunately the sound doesn’t carry very far. It’s not the kind of thing someone is going to hear through a wall, though possibly through one of those cheap hollow doors if you’re in a small quiet apartment. However, it easily muffles to near silent under a blanket and can be camouflaged by some light music or TV noise. Or (true story time again) because desperate times sometimes call for stealthy quiet desperate measures, I once just put my hands down into my pants to slip on a Tenga Egg and then massaged it from the outside of my shorts. Though the movement was limited, the sensations were strong enough to please to completion, and thanks to the closed design, the mess was contained. (Where there is a will there is a way, people.)


And the second imperfection worth noting is that Tenga products do have a noticeable synthetic material smell—almost clinical—that you might notice when you first open them and then lingers on your fingers and down there for a little while after usage. It washes off pretty easily, but you will need to wash to get rid of it. Though another person is unlikely to recognize it, it might cause some questions.Honestly, it was a little off-putting the first time I tried them, but at this point, I think I’ve developed an association of pleasure with the smell so I can deal with it, but it’s worth noting that it’s another trade-off on the stealth factor.

Where to buy? Freakin’ Amazon

Another thing I like about them is that Amazon carries them (and yes, some qualify for Prime) and they are so ordinary and affordable that you can pretty casually (I guess depending on who you share an account with) drop 2 or 3 into your cart along with whatever random Fit Bits, pots and pans, socks and hangers that you’re ordering right now and they’ll come packaged normally like everything else in an Amazon boxBut if you don’t do Amazon and want a real sex shop, check out Toy Demon. They specialize in Japanese adult toys and I’ve ordered from them without any problems as well.Read more: how to treat a woman you love quotes

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