Surprise, Suprise Or Surprize —Which Is Correct?

  • The surprise is the correct way to spell this word.
  • Surprize was once an alternative spelling, but it is very rarely used today.
  • Su surprised is not an accepted spelling of surprise.

In the old days, one could choose between two spellings of surprise, but today there is only one.

How to spell surprise

There is only one commonly accepted surprise spelling: two r’s and two s’s in total. Spelling words without an r – surprise – is an easy mistake to make at first. We don’t usually pronounce the first r, suh-prize, which might lead you to think that the r isn’t there at all. But there is:Read more: how to spell surprise Read more: how to spell in fifa 18 | Top Q & ASurprize was once a popular alternative spelling of surprise, but it is now considered archaic, so you should avoid it.


In some cases, learning a few very helpful spelling rules can help you avoid typos, but all of a sudden, you need to remember that there are two r’s and two s’s. This is not a matter of choice like apologize-sorry or realize-recognize. Read more: how to change logo size in wordpress | Top Q&A

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