So, What’s A Cricut And What Can I Do With It?

A few weeks ago, I shared a Facebook Live video about getting started with a Cricut on the Underground Crafter Facebook page, and a reader mentioned that she “didn’t know what this machine does”. In this post I will tell you all about Cricut machines and what you can use them to make and I will share 15+ beginner-friendly Cricut projects you can make as soon as you receive your device. pronunciation cricut This post contains affiliate links. I can get compensation (free for you) if you make a purchase using these links. The source for this post has been generously provided by Cricut. I didn’t know much about the Cricut machine a year ago, and to be honest, when I first received it and reviewed it, I had only the faintest ideas of what it was capable of! Now that I’ve been using it regularly for about six months, I’ve learned that the Cricut machine can do a lot more than I initially thought. (By the way, in this post, I will cover the Cricut Explore series. I have the Cricut Explore Air.)Unbox Cricut Explore Air and rate it on Underground Crafter

First thing first: Pronunciation


Cricut is pronounced like an insect (“cricket”) and not like “cry-cut,” although I would argue the spelling is a play on words given their origin as simple cutters. Go ahead, say Cricut with confidence. Now you sound like a pro!

Turn on the good stuff…

Cricut machines started out as die cutters that used cartridges (or dies) and manual pressure to cut shapes from different materials. The Cricut Explore series is the latest generation of electronic machines that can cut, write and score a wide variety. of materials. You use a cloud-based software called Cricut Design Space to tell the machine what to do. You can use DesignSpace on your laptop, desktop, or tablet/mobile device.

  • The Explore One is a “wired” machine that you connect to your device.
  • The Explore Air and Explore Air 2 use Bluetooth to send messages from Design Space on the device to your Cricut. (Explore Air 2 is faster than Explore Air. If you want to read a comparison review, Jessie At Home has one here.)
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Read more: How to get clunky jaws You can create your own unique projects and store them in the cloud or, if you don’t like the design, you can choose from a multitude of projects “Do it now” (many free projects). These are pre-designed projects that include detailed material lists. (I also recommend subscribing to Cricut Access, especially if you plan to use pre-existing designs or want a variety of fonts.)Cricut Basics: Tutorial on how to upload images in a design space (and make you a t-shirt / Literary Quote) by Underground CrafterYou can see a quick demonstration of how to write and cut the machine in this video.


Cricut can cut a variety of materials. You can find a full list (including recommended settings) here. You adjust the pressure settings dial to choose from a list of standard materials, or choose Custom and then the appropriate material from the drop-down menu in Design Space.Underground Crafter Easy Hexagon Gift Card | Craft Lightning Winter Holiday Edition 2016 with Luxury Cottage, 30 Minute Craft and Trial and TrueSo far, I’ve personally used Cricut for cutting:

  • Paper,
  • Card Warehouse (here),
  • Magnetic plates (here and here),
  • Certain types of vinyl (here and here),
  • Cheer up (here and here),
  • Adhesive Paper (here), and
  • Washi paper.

The cuts can be really simple (but extremely precise)…The Ultimate Guide to Cricut: Cutting Magnet Sheets (and How to Write and Cut in Design Space) by Underground Crafter | Create your own magnetic organizer with your Cricut!Read more: How to remove Cinavia protection from MKV or MP4 or more complicated than what you can do manually.


You can also use your Cricut to write with the Cricut Pen. They are available in a variety of spot thicknesses and a wide variety of colors. You can create “handwritten” projects or things that appear using the printer.What?So far, I’ve used the writing features to add a handwritten touch to a cutting project, and created intricate adult coloring pages with “Make It Now” projects. Over the winter break this year, I plan to use the writing features to write address labels, gift cards, and knit and crochet project care labels. You can see more writing project ideas in this video and see the Cricut Pens in action.

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Cricut Basics: So, what is Cricut and what can I do about it?

Print and cut

Print then crop is a feature I don’t use much as I don’t have a good printer at home. However, if you have a color printer, you can print complex, colorful designs and then use your Cricut to cut them. I reached out to some blogger friends and asked them to share their favorite prints, then cut projects and tutorials so you could get an idea of ​​the range of projects you could work on with this feature. this ability.

  • Make stickers with your own pictures by crafting in the rain,
  • Create your own unicorn activity for kids with printable,
  • Printable Bible Diary Stickers by Southern Couture,
  • Make your own Disney princess magnets with Watch Lindsay,
  • Personalize your Cricut prints and cuts with Try it – Love it,
  • Liz On Call Mother’s Day Banner,
  • Create your own planner stickers by two married people,
  • The Quiet Grove DIY Kids Wedding Corner, and
  • How to Make a Planner Sticker with your Cricut by Laura’s Crafty Life.


You can also use Cricut to score with the Cricut Scoring Pen. You can see the Scoring Pen in action in this video. This is a feature I plan to use more of to create neat folds for holiday and birthday cards and to create small gift boxes. Since I haven’t done any grading projects yet, I asked my blogger friends for some favorite projects and here’s what they shared:

  • On the Table and Dreaming by See Lindsay, and
  • How to create a Make It Now project with Printable Crush.

Do you have other questions about Cricut machines?

I hope this post has answered some questions about what Cricut machines can do as well as some of the projects you can do with these machines. If you have other questions, let me know in the comments! Read more: how to make a wedding broom

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