Skidding Logs With ATV And Tractors [The 360-Guide]

When we browsed through forestry forums, we noticed that people had trouble solving a particular problem. And that’s the feeling after sliding the logs. slide log by ATV, and tractor slide log. You can use both of these sliding logs. But what will be best for you depends on the amount of work required? You can install arches and winches in both ATVs and Tractors. Then all you need to do is drag. how to slide diary with-

Choose the right medium for the slide log


You know, the days of logging or utilitarian logging are long gone. We now have cars and vehicles on our behalf. And if you’ve bought a car, then you can always switch to the best one for you. Just wait for the right moment. So, how is your situation? Do you have a small budget? How many records are you expecting? How long do you want to use it for? What is your log size? If your budget is small, it’s a good spot for ATVs. One point for the trailer if you have a long term project. Because after a number of years of regular use, ATV tends to decrease in performance. Tractors are way better at this. Your vehicle’s HP will determine if your vehicle is suitable for pulling long, heavy logs. However, it is standard to use a tractor to slide the log under heavy loads. But an ATV with four-wheel drive can easily pull that kind of load. So, in the case of ATV capacity will eat points (In the case of large tractors, it is completely opposite). Now that you have your tractor or ATV, it’s time to do the sledding.

Slip Logging Process with ATVs and Tractors

As we said before, slip log by ATV and Tractor slide log almost the same. For both vehicles, you need to choose what will contain your log when sliding. 2 common tools needed for this process are the arch and winch. Now let’s explore the use of both of these tools-

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1. Using Log Arches

With a log arch, you can keep your log in a frame supported by 2 axes. As a result, you get-

  • Reduced drag weight on the ground
  • Reduce stress on the car

Besides the advantages, there are many more. Your tractor or ATV will be safer using wooden arches. You will be able to steer more easily. Furthermore, your chances of having an accident while rolling over will decrease. The wheel was invented because there were many problems with towing. So try arches for logging. Here are some of our suggestions best wooden arch that you can use for your next purchase-

  • Our best pick: TMW-16 . Wood Tuff
  • Budget-friendly: Timber Tuff TMW-440
  • All-rounder: Country Manufacturing Log Skidder

2. Using Winch

Imagine that your diary is in an array of wood. Or worse, it could be at the bottom of a ravine. Most of the time, it’s hard to reach the trees in a wooden arched trail. In these cases, only winch can save you time. Simply attach the winch to your chainsaw and pull that log towards your ATV or tractor. The best part about wooden sliding winch is the winch frame that bears all that pulling force. So the chain saw remains stress-free. If you spend a few extra bucks, then you can get a remote control winch. You won’t need to go back and forth between the car and log to make adjustments. best ATV winchHere are some lists selected by experts-

  • Our best pick: Superwinch 1135220
  • Budget-friendly: Bravex Electric 12V
  • All types: Badland ZXR 12000 lb
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Switch with WinchesPro logger uses a switch to connect the winch rope to the log. You can wrap this cable or chain around the end of a log. When you wind the winch, the inductor pulls tight. The drawback to the inductors is, it’s very difficult to wrap around a log when it’s lying flat on the ground. best diary choker that you can use for your next purchase-

  • Our Best Pick: Portable Winch Choker Chain
  • Budget-friendly: C-Hook Portable Winch
  • All types: Timber Tuff TMW-47

Clamp the wood with the Winch The wood puller is better in this situation. You just need to drop the clip onto the log and fasten the hook. Hallelujah! You are ready to pull. However, staples tend to come apart when pulling begins. Here are some of our recommendations best slide clamp list-

  • Our Best Pick: TMW-03 . Wood Tuff
  • Budget-friendly: Timber Tuff TMW-02
  • Comprehensive: Raw High Carbon

Logging with a Winch You can try the Timber Tuff TMW-54 Log Winch as the ultimate solution. But it’s a bit heavy in terms of both cost and weight. The ATV Winch Ski Log can cause real damage to the ground and the log itself. It is not natural for a log to be plowed in the ground or entangled in a tree stump. In this situation, the sled will be rescued. The sled is a heavy plastic cone that fits over the end of a log. This allows the log to slide over rocks and other obstacles with ease.

  • Best Skateboard: Timber Tuff TMW-21 (Our Best Pick)
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3. Use both Wooden Dome and Winch

Most professional loggers recommend using both an arch and a winch. They used the winch to pull the log onto the car. They then use the arches to drag the logs to their final destination.

Recommendations and Safety Measures

We have put together some recommendations and safety measures that will help you while pull the log with a tractor or pull logs with ATV. So let’s take a look at these-

  • Make sure the logs are cut properly so that they can be easily transported.
  • Do not bear a load greater than the weight of the ATV.
  • Fill tires with liquids such as water or antifreeze for better stability and load-carrying. Fill tires while maintaining a liquid-to-air ratio of 1: 1.
  • Buy the only ATV with four-wheel vehicles with the opposite.
  • Make sure your engine is liquid cooled. These motors tend to last longer.
  • Put some weight in front to prevent tipping.
  • Always use helmets, gloves and eye protection while slip diary.
  • These suggestions will make sliding log easy.


    No matter how easy it seems, Tractor slip log or ATV is quite difficult. But we believe you now know everything to make this task easy.

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