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Saltillo tiles are a beautiful old world design option that we love. Before starting the installation process, it is important that you understand the immediate maintenance requirements. Here is a complete guide on how to clean, maintain, and re-solder Saltillo tiles. Read: How to Clean Mexican Tiles Homemade and with its authentic rustic look, Saltillo tiles naturally age over time. After all, it’s a 100% natural product, if you’ve installed your Saltillo tiles let’s say, 3-4 years ago, it might have been time for a deep clean or even re-closing.

  • – How to maintain Saltillo tiles?
  • – When should I re-solder my Saltillo brick?
  • – How do I reattach my Saltillo tile?
  • – Do I need to remove and re-glue my Saltillo tiles?
  • – How do I remove the Saltillo tile?

How do I maintain the Saltillo Tile?


Saltillo tile is quite pleasant with regular maintenance. Soap and water are all you need to clean your floors. You can use a non-acidic floor cleaner that you can find at your regular grocery or drug store. Cleaning Saltillo tiles regularly will keep your tiles shiny for years to come. It cleans well, it smells like Mexico (or abuela’s house). But your favorite mild detergent works just as well. Avoid strong or acidic cleaners To clean Saltillo tiles before mopping, vacuuming is the best way to keep your Saltillo floor dust-free. If you find an exposed chip that shows raw baked clay, you can simply coat it with a thin layer of sealant.

When should I re-solder my Saltillo brick?

This will depend on pedestrian traffic and how often the Saltillo tiles are cleaned. Usually, after 2-4 years, it’s time to re-solder. Here’s a simple test to try: Pour some water over the Saltillo brick. If it absorbs water, even a little, then it’s time for a fresh coat of primer.Traditional Saltillo tile kitchen floor design by Emily Seed Chelsea Scharbach

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How do I reassemble the Saltillo cell?

Once your Saltillo brick begins to absorb water in the test above, consider re-welding. Apply a new coat of paint to protect the grout and prevent yellowing of the grout. It also increases the life of the front part. To close, first clean your floor from dirt. We recommend vacuuming your floors. For this resealing process, you’ll need a yellow application sponge (available at hardware stores), a clean and lint-free rag, and the backing pad of your choice. If you want a traditional Saltillo tile look, you can use a water-based sealant to cover the installed tile. A water-based sealer, like Ole Mexico Tile Sealer, will add an extra layer of protection and create a high gloss shine. 511 Porous Plus Sealer is recommended to be applied to the surface. The outer coating of Saltillo tiles coated with Porous Plus will be easier to close than a watertight coating. Use a sponge to apply the waterproofing agent to the clean floor. Give it a few days to dry and cure completely. Then clean and maintain regularly with soap and water.

Do I need to peel off my Saltillo tiles before re-attaching?

If you find your Saltillo tile adhesive is worn out, consider a strip and reapply. Peeling and re-welding Saltillo tiles can be a laborious process. If you regularly clean your Saltillo tiles and re-glue every 2-4 years or so, you can avoid peeling and re-welding. So be kind to your floors!Buy glazed thin tiles Saltillo floors need refinishing.

How do you separate and reassemble Saltillo tiles?

If we’re being honest, we wouldn’t recommend trying this. Take good care of your tiles regularly and you will avoid this problem. If you are restoring an old home that has original Saltillo floors in need of a refresh, we strongly recommend that you contract a Saltillo tile flooring professional. The peeling and closing process is not only messy, but also laborious and time consuming.Buy glazed thin tilesRead more: how to take screenshots samsung galaxy s6

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