Scrabble Slam Game Rules

Scrabble Slam Game Rules

The components


  • 55 alphabet cards
  • 3 vacancies
  • Guide

The object of the game


  • Choose 1 player as dealer and shuffle the deck.
  • Everyone agrees on a 4-letter word to start with (e.g. GAME). Read: how to play scrabble slam
  • Search through the deck and place the letters G, A, M and E in the play area, as shown on the next page.
  • Divide the remaining letter cards among all the players as possible.
  • About the card

    Read more: how to remove rainx from windshield Each tag has 2 letters on it, one on the front and another on the back. The 2 small letters in the corners represent both letters on the card, at a glance you can see all the letters in your hand. Cards can represent any letter. Once set, the letter you have selected cannot be changed. Scrabble Slam Game Rules

    Play game

  • Change the starting word 1 letter at a time (e.g. GAME to GATE).
  • Read more: How to make silk in Terraria | Top Q&A Place 1 alphabet card on another card on the table and read the new word aloud.
  • Any player can put down a card at any time – so you have to be quick!
  • Shout “Ready, Prepare, Slam!” to begin.
  • Scrabble Slam Game Rules

    Acceptable words

    Game over

    Rules for Double Slam

    All the rules (How to Play, Win, etc.). It’s the same, except instead of starting with a four-letter word on the table, you start with two four-letter words joined together. beer bottle cake Continue reading

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