Score High in Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger [How to]

Video How to cheat in a basketball game on Messenger [How to]Facebook is bringing a lot of features to Messenger. Most of the functionality not available on Facebook’s desktop site is found on Messenger. It shows Facebook is focusing more on delivering the Messenger experience on the go. However, Facebook is also working hard to bring Messenger features to the desktop site, but Facebook still introduced such features on Messenger first, not on the desktop website. Recently, Facebook brought the basketball game to Messenger, where you can play with your friends, beat them with high scores, and it has been found to be strangely addictive. Learn how to score high in a game of basketball on Messenger.

How to play basketball on Facebook Messenger

  • Open Messenger.
  • Set emoji to Basketball emoji and send it to your friends.
  • Tap the emoji to open the Basketball game.
  • Now swipe the ball correctly into the basket. You need to score consecutively to be able to score high in basketball game but here is a trick to fool your friends by scoring high in basketball game on Facebook Messenger.
  • How to score high in basketball game on Facebook Messenger

    To get high score in basketball game on Facebook Messenger you need the following: Read: how to cheat in basketball game on Messenger

    • GameGuardian
    • Messenger (obviously)
    • BlueStacks (if you don’t own Android)

    ALSO SEE: How to Install Smartphone App on PCGameGuardian is a tool for your Android that helps to change the score. It searches for values ​​and with this tool you have the ability to change certain values ​​in any Android application.Step 1: Install GameGuardian on your Android. GameGuardian is not available on the Play Store but we have provided a download link at the bottom of this post.Step 2: Open GameGuardian and press Begin. Once you’ve started, the app’s icons will appear on the screen with less opacity and you can move them anywhere.Step 3: Open Messenger and go to your friend’s chat to play basketball. Send a basketball emoji and tap it to play the game.Step 4: Slide the ball towards the basket and score first the point.Step 5: Tap the GameGuardian icon floating on your desktop and select Messenger. Now tap Known and provide value like first. Set to Auto (Slow) and press Search.Read more: How to reach your cart without batteryStep 6: The result will contain some rows but close the window and return to the game.Step 7: Now swipe the ball into the basket and score 2 points.Step 8: Now follow Step 5 and provide value like 2. This time GameGuardian won’t let you choose the app.Step 9: Repeat Steps 6 through 8 until you have about 10 rows in the table. Every time you score a point, you need to provide that value in the GameGuardian app. Don’t worry, you will see filtered results within 4 points.Filter basketball scores on MessengerStep 10: If your last score was 3 and your search shows some results with 3, then you have found the point value to change them.Step 11: Tap the rows where you have your score and change the value to any digit. Tick frozen and Save as and then press Right.Change basketball score in MessengerRead more: How to know if meditation is workingChange high score on basketballStep 12: Close the GameGuardian window. You will still find that your score has not changed. Now swipe the ball towards the basket. You will see that your score has increased to the value you set.Basketball game in MessengerHigh Score on Facebook MessnegerStep 13: Go back to your friends chat and your high score is set. That’s it! Still waiting?New high score on Messenger's basketballALSO SEE: How To Post Through Facebook Mentions Without Being A Public Person If you have any questions, comment below.LinkRead more: how to draw a plate of food

    • GameGuardian [Link]
    • BlueStacks [Link]
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