no title51Over the past two years or so, I’ve really gotten back into knitting. My grandmother taught me when I was little. We would sit on the couch together after I got home from elementary school, and she patiently taught me how to knit. My grandmother is a very quiet person, but we did a lot of things together (knitting, watching Nick at Nite, snacking after school, picking flowers in the yard). She was a great teacher Reading: how to knit a tie After she passed away, I let years pass before trying to knit again. Last year, I finally finished the scarf we knit together for my dad. I don’t remember how to knit, so I turned to a woman’s YouTube channel to relearn. Knitting Tips By Judy is a great resource for knitters of all levels. Her instructions are clear and concise, two qualities important for a beginner (or returning!) knitter.untitled21My inspiration for knitting a straight tie actually came from another knitter, Kristen McDonnell of Studio Knit. Anne sometimes wears a tie to work (she’s a teacher), and so I think she really appreciates a hand-knit tie! I’ve slightly altered Kristen’s instructions, so let me share my process with you. I decided to highlight everything with a contrasting color on the tail of the tie. Read more: How to verify on an xbox checkmark Using a bead stitch for a tie is ideal because it holds its shape well and is reversible – meaning it looks the same on the front and back straps of the piece. I find the bead stitch to be an attractive stitch for all types of knitwear, although some knitters find it tedious to switch between knitting and tinsel per stitch.untitled61

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Hand knitted straight tie


  • Two yarns of different colors (Use yarn for US size 8 needles)
  • Size US 5 straight needles
  • Decorative needles
  • Scissors

How to knit a tie:

  • Cast 11 colored stitches for the front of the tie
  • Sew beads for 21 inches
  • Reduce to 9 stitches by knitting 2 stitches together at both ends of the piece
  • Sew beads for 1 inch
  • Reduce to 7 sts by knitting 2 sts at both ends of the piece
  • Sew beads for 10 inches
  • Change the yarn color and continue stitching the beads for another 22-24 inches
  • Cast and finish
  • How to knit a Keeper loop:

  • Cast 11 colored stitches for the front of the tie
  • Sew beads for 1 inch
  • End, but not end
  • Use the yarn tail and the tapestry needle to sew the craft loop to the back of the tie, about 7 inches from the bottom of the tie.
  • Read more: How to Draw Anime Shoes Step by Step | Top Q&Auntitled71Now that you’ve finished knitting the tie, it’s important that you tie the knot. This will stretch the fibers and help the tie lie flat against the body. You can tie the tie a few times to keep its shape. The great thing is that blocking can be done for all types of projects. Here is how I do title31

    Steam blocks your work


    • Ironing board and ironing board
    • Handkerchief
    • T-legs

    How to:

  • Dip the handkerchief in the water, then gently squeeze out the water.
  • Lay your creation flat on the iron, and spread the wet towel over the iron. Stick the hot iron on the wet towel, and you’ll start to see steam rising from the towel. Continue this process over the entire towel for about 1-2 minutes. Note that your towel and work will be extremely hot.
  • Remove the towel and use the t-pin to hold your creation in place. These pins can go directly into the iron. Make sure the yarn is not pulled too far but just enough to tie your product into the desired shape.
  • Once your work is dry, remove the t-bolts. You are done!
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