Scissor Organization And Care Ideas

Now that we have explored the different types of fabric cutting tools available to us, I would like to share some care and maintenance tips. These tools are expensive and we need to take care of them!Read: how to maintain scissorsTips and Tricks for the Cutter:

  • Protect your canvas scissors with your life! If you use them to cut paper or other materials, they will quickly tarnish and the blades will be damaged. A helpful hint: tie a ribbon around the handles of your fabric scissors and ask family members to keep their hands off these scissors the next time they want to clip coupons or make necklaces. by paper. Ribbons will also be an easy visual reminder for you so you don’t accidentally grab them to cut paper instead of fabric.
  • Ask your local tailor or craft store about how to sharpen scissors – usually they have a special day every few months when a professional scissor sharpener will be in store. For a fee, you can sharpen your blades to maintain a good pair of fabric shears for years to come.
  • Read more: How to fix highlights that are too white Replace the blades on your rotary cutter whenever you notice that it doesn’t cut through fabric as easily as it did when new. You can purchase refill packs for your particular rotary cutter brand and size at the same store where you purchased the cutter.

And I’m not sure what your studio looks like but mine could always use more organization. Here are some great storage ideas for those sharp cutting tools!

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Drag organization ideas

Organizing Scissor is easy with these 10 ideas. Garment loftLet’s talk about scissor organization! Image clockwise from top left.Toilet Paper Roll Caddy | 3M Hook | Wall Art Pocket | Peg Board HolderRead more: Destiny 2 how to unlock Tie Pocket calculation | Simple Drawer | Wall Hook | Magnetic Cup | Jean Pocket Art | Clear desk drawer | Personally, my scissor organization is lacking. I put them in a basket to prevent them from going away. If not, they need to stay out of sight, they tend to put their energy into random art projects. Remember, I have 2 little girls who love to create. I’d love to hear about any special tips or scissor organizing tricks you have in the comments.Garment loftHi! Are you new to The Sewing Loft? If so, I’m glad you stopped by and hope that something inspired you to keep your needles moving! Don’t miss a project and subscribe via email HERE! Bonus- free embroidery patterns when you sign up for the newsletter. Another great way to connect with me is through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or Follow my blog with Bloglovin. I look forward to getting to know you and creating together! Read more: how to mute teammates in pubg

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