Fluffy socks are a great addition to any outfit, especially when you want to show off some super sweet spring vibes. They can be worn on the street as well as on the runway. While you can easily find a pair at any clothing store, I don’t want to shell out $10 or more for something you can do yourself. I have a feeling you guys do too, so today I’m going to show you an easy way to turn ANY tired old socks into ~rad ruffled~. Absolutely no sophisticated sewing skills required! I really think this is the easiest (and possibly cutest?) DIY I’ve come up with so far.RC2You will probably need:

  • A ruffled lace trim. You can find this at any craft or fabric store.
  • Two pairs of snap closures. I’m using prong-backed ones for this tutorial, but the sewing type works just as well. Seamless hats will come with an open prong loop or a combination of an open barb loop and a flap — a decorative hat that I like.
  • Scissors
  • Check Fray
  • Socks
  • Pliers or hammer (optional — this is for pins with support prongs)

RC31. Wrap one end of the lace border around the area just above your ankle. It should be tight enough that it doesn’t slide down easily, but not so tight that you cut off your circulation! Mark where the two ends overlap, leaving about an inch of overlap. Read more: how to draw a gift bowRC4 (1)2. Cut your lace at that overlap point. Cut another piece of thread the same length as this thread.RC53. These two decorative pieces will be your pantyhose! Now all you have to do is complete them and add some closures.RC64. Finish the rough edges of each piece of lace with a little Fray Check. Read more: How to draw Jessie from Toy Story 2RC75. Now grab one of the outerwear and a briefcase of snaps. With the inside of the shirt facing you, attach the snap to the top corner with the stud (the part that looks like a nipple) facing out. See two photos below. If you’re using prong closures, you can just push the barb loop through the front of the fabric, where you see the leftmost X below, and attach the studs to the prongs. The easiest way to do this is with pliers, which I don’t have. You can also buy a snap with a metal tool that you place on top of the pin, then hammer it a few times to secure it. (Check out this guide if you need more guidance.) Next, flip the ruffle over so it’s on the right side and attach the other half of the snap—the socket—to the opposite side, about an inch from the corner. (so the laces will overlap). Push the prong loop through the back of the ruffle and attach the socket to the front, where it will fit into the stud when closed.RC8RC97. When you’re done, your snapshot location should look something like this. Repeat this with the rest of the ruffles, and you’re good to go!RC108. And here are your finished tights! Just put them on a pair of socks, roll up your wrists, and walk comfortably and freely. ♦ Read more: how to build a loaf warehouse

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