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The components


  • 9 game tiles
  • 1 Dead
  • 55 quest cards
  • Sand timer
  • Guide

The object of the game

Find the objects on the tiles to win cards. Win the most cards or be the first to collect six to win the game


  • Arrange the cells in a 3 × 3 grid. Read: how to play with pictures Pictureka! Rule
  • Split the cards into stacks of the same color and face them down. Make sure each pile is well shuffled.
  • Pictureka! RuleFor the green and red cards, agree to class c of the quest to play: top, middle or bottom.
  • Decide who goes first. Continue playing on the left.
  • Pictureka! Rule

    Play game

    There are two ways to play: Round & Round is a great way to learn each game before you go crazy with Mish Mash.

    Move or flip

    If the back of a card has one of these arrows on it, do as it says before you play it.Pictureka! Rule Convert the position of any two cellsPictureka! Rule Flip any cell.

    Play the circle

  • Agree on the number of rounds: Players Round each color 2-33 rounds 4-52 rounds 6 + 1 round
  • Play all your blue rounds first, then green, then red Pictureka! Rule
  • Take the top card from the color you are playing and play that card. The rules are different for each task color. Read the rules on the back if this is your first game. If you know what to do, jump in and play.
  • Read more: FIND OUT HOW TO DREAM DREAMWORKS TROLLS CHARACTERS / COMIC CHARACTERS DRAW LESSON The winner of the mission keeps the card and your turn ends. The player to your left will take their turn.
  • Once you’ve played through all three colors, count how many cards you’ve won.
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    The person with the most cards is the winner.

    Play Mish Mash

  • It’s your turn to roll the dice. What color is it showing? Pictureka! Rule
  • Play a card of that color (if you see an arrow, be sure to switch or flip a tile before playing).
  • Whoever wins the mission keeps the card and your turn is over.
  • The player on the left now starts their turn by rolling the dice.
  • The first player to land six cards wins the game.

    Sneaky scam, beware

    Pictureka! RuleIf you scream Pictureka! before you point your finger, or if you point straight at a photo that’s not up to the task you’re a sneaky cheater! The other players decide for you – you may lose your card… or maybe you have to howl like a dog or perform the “I’m So Sorry” dance.


    There are 3 card colors, each with a different mission, Blue: Find It First Pictureka! RuleBeat others with it. Everyone can play.

  • Flip the card face up for everyone to see. It displays an image that appears only once on the cells.
  • All at once, search for images as fast as possible. Shout out Pictureka! and point at the picture as soon as you find it. The first person to find it holds the card.
  • Green: Personal Pictureka! RuleRoll and find against the clock. You are your own!

  • Get a green card. Read the words on the layer you selected, then roll the mold. That’s how many of the things you have to find.
  • Place the card face up in front of you, then ask the other player to flip the timer and shout when you run out of time.
  • Read more: How to wear casual chic print pants Ready, steady, GO! Start search!
    • Successful! If you find enough of what you’re looking for before time runs out, keep the card.
    • Sorry! If time runs out before you find your target, good luck! Place the card at the bottom of the pile.
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  • Red: My Tile Pictureka! RuleFind pictures on your own tiles. Everyone can play.

  • Each person chooses a random brick and places it in front of you. If there are 4 players or less, help me 2 tiles each.
  • Flip the top red card over, read it aloud, and place it in the center for everyone to see.
  • Count 3,2,1, GO, flip through your tiles and start looking.
  • If you find a picture that matches the task for the first time, shout out Pictureka! and point at it. You can keep the cards, if you can’t find the right shape, you can flip your tiles to the other side, one card at a time.
  • When you’re done, place your tiles back in any position you like in the game grid.
  • Other ways to play

    Longer or shorter game

    • Mish Mash: Set the number of cards you need to win higher or lower to make the game longer or shorter.
    • Rounds & Rounds: Play less rounds, the game is faster.

    Team play

    Divide into groups and work together. A great way to keep little ones happy.

    Combine & Combine

    If you own the original Pictureka! game, mix up the tiles!

    • Mix all 18 squares and select 9 randomly.
    • Set the blue cards aside, out of the game.
    • Shuffle the red and green cards from both games and shuffle a red pile and a green pile. Place them face down on the table.
    • Play Round & Round or Mish Mash with red and green cards as usual. Scroll back if you scroll blue.
    • When you’re done, put the cards and tiles of each game back in their own box (find the 2 cards in the corner of the box). Read more: how to change offline banner twitch
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