Overwatch – How To Play Widowmaker

French assassin Widowmaker is an Overwatch sniper. She sets up shop far from enemies, dealing heavy damage with shots at the right place and at the right time. a character strategy guide like this one, as well as general tips and tricks for mastering the game.

Widowmaker Move List


Main: Widow’s Kiss

Widowmaker’s sniper rifle can be used as a rather weak combat rifle in close skirmishes, but its primary use is in secondary fire mode. In this mode, the sniper scope comes to life, allowing Widowmaker to hit distant targets. The trick is that the sniper mode has a 1 second charge time before dealing full damage. Usually, you’d rather wait until your shot is fully charged instead of spamming, unless you see a low health target you can pick. Clip Size: 30 (Sniper uses three bullets per shot)

Grapple hook

The grappling hook allows Widowmaker to reach high sniper areas and often circumnavigate the battlefield. The cooldown is 12 seconds, so it’s best to get into position or run away, as once you’ve used it it disappears for a while. Without it, Widowmaker is pretty slow.

Venom . Mine

This beak can be attached to any surface. When it detects an enemy nearby, it explodes, infecting them with poison. The best use of Venom Mine is to drop it in a location where you believe someone will try to sneak you. Not right behind you, but quite a distance. That way, you can use the trigger message as an early warning alert.

Finally: Infra-Sight

Read more: how to create lava in minecraft Ultimate by idowmaker has no direct damage component, but allows you to gain insight into new tactics on the battlefield. Infra-Sight displays the heat signatures of the entire opposing team, allowing you to launch shots as soon as enemies come out of cover. That tactical view is also shared with every member of your team for the entire 15 seconds. This is extremely useful for heroes like Junkrat, who can use the new view to throw grenades around walls with certain accuracy, or Hanzo, who can aim his Ultimate right at another team.Overwatch 27 . screenshot

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How to play Widowmaker

Widowmaker is a pure sniper; Find a position, make a few shots into the opponent’s line and move to another position. She’s better defensively, but you can use her on attack to clear opponents that are fighting your party members at certain targets. She’s also good if you’re up against the Bastion of Torbjorn on defense. Staying in range mode for too long is tactically a bad idea because you can’t see what’s going on around. Perception of the battle is very important. As an extra tip, Widowmaker is one of the few heroes with extra options. Go into the options menu, select Widowmaker in the dropdown and you can change her target sensitivity while in Sniper Scope mode.

Who will the widow stand against

Zenyatta: Slow moving healer means easy pick for Widowmaker. As an added bonus, you probably won’t be within range of Zenyatta’s Discord Orb. You’ll probably get two hits before a good Pharah can jump into cover again, so use them wisely. shop in Sentry mode. A few shots can force them to spit and best-case scenario, you kill them before they can even start.

Who needs attention when playing the role of widow

Pharah: Yes, Pharah can hit an unnoticed Widowmaker, because Sniper mode has such a limited field of view. Unlike other flankers, Venom Mine cannot be used as an early warning signal. Genji is the worst because his mobility allows to get to you from interesting angles. Reaper can teleport directly to your location. Some complicated Tracer jobs can also ruin your day if you don’t have a good spot, but at certain points she can’t even touch you. On fire. Winston can jump to your location and D.Va’s Boosters allow her to lunge at you, while Defense Matrix protects her. Overwatch. Dive into the game with the French assassin and see if you can use all the tips and tricks we’ve outlined here.

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