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Hacking games is always fun. With the Wii, it’s clearly no exception. Whether it’s a custom soundtrack or level for Mario Kart Wii or Super Mario Galaxy, it all sounds pretty fun! But… how exactly do you play those tracks and levels?! Well, don’t panic, I’m here to show you! This is also useful if you are creating some hacks yourself and need to test them out! For this we will be using a Homebrew app called Riivolution. It allows you to load your patches on games that don’t stay permanently on disk. You can put as many patches of a game as you like! Note two things before we begin: 1. This tutorial assumes that you already have Homebrew and Riivolution on your Wii. This guide won’t tell you how to get Homebrew and Riivolution, mainly because there are instructions for that on the internet. So be sure to do that first if you don’t for some reason. Read: how to use riivolution2. This tutorial will not talk about creating your own Riivolution patches. Creating a patch is not an easy task, but it is not too difficult either. I’ll leave generating your own XML/patches for another day. Also, there are other people who can teach you about that better than me. I’m just here to tell you how to get them.Alright, let’s patch it up! What you’ll need This is a small list of documents you’ll need to get your patches. Most of all, though, should be prepared if you know what you’re doing. • Riivolution • An XML file that is the patch Read more: how to make a car sunshade • Modified files of the game you want to patch • Laptop • SD card • Actual copy of your game want to patch For this tutorial I will use the Neo Mario Galaxy hack as an example. But this process applies to all games, not just Super Mario Galaxy. The first thing you want to do is put the SD card in the computer. Once here you will have a folder called riivolution in the root of your SD Card. The root is the part of the SD that is not present in any other directory. If you don’t have this folder, create it.Riivo.PNGOnce done, if you download a patch from someone else, the files included will be the following: An XML file and a folder, and so on.Yye.PNGIf the sticker is yours, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind. Your directory with must-have files same name as part of the XML, where it says “external directory”. or “original patch” depending on the game. This is where Riivolution will take the patched files to render them in-game. You should be aware of this when building your XML, but just in case, I’ll point it out. Where these names are placed varies by game, so here I have an example from my patches for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.SMS/nsmb (without /) should be the name of the directory where the patched files are located. (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)Sea/test (without /) should be the name of the directory where your patched files are located. (Super Mario Galaxy 2) With that, put the XML in the riivolution folder on the root of the SD Card. Read more: how to push ragdoll roblox tooleyeNext, place the folder containing the patched files in the root directory of the SD card itself. It must not be inside any other directory. Your SD card should look like this. (minus some other random stuff I have)ey2At this point, double check that you have all the files in their places. Otherwise, Riivolution won’t show anything or when you launch the game everything will be as it should. Now take out your SD Card and put it in your Wii. Also, bring the game you want to patch to the Wii.Scene 1 2018-05-08_21-58-40Now enter Riivolution. If all goes well, you should see this screen.Scene 1 2018-05-08_21-59-22Switch the first option from off to on (Normal Mode and Daredevil Mode are counted as enabled in Neo Mario Galaxy) and enable all other available options if you wish. If you’re testing your patches and have a crash debugger, make sure to enable it. Hit Launch and if you followed the steps correctly, your game should be patched and ready to play! If you only modified one level, go to that level and load it. You will see your work right on the screen!Scene 1 2018-05-08_22-00-08Hope this guide helped you! If nothing changes in the game, make sure you’re going through Riivolution and that you’ve followed the instructions correctly. I used Neo Mario Galaxy for this, but you can also use it to load your own mods, just keep in mind the naming thing I mentioned earlier. Happy hacking! Read more: How long does it take to extract 4 wisdom teeth?

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