Learn To Draw A Samurai In 9 Easy Steps (With Pictures)

Hello art lovers. So, for those of you who have shown an interest in medieval and early modern Japan, you have come across characters called Samurais. These individuals were especially useful for guarding and waiting for those in the higher strata of society, such as the nobility. Furthermore, these Japanese warriors are very famous in Japan for being very agile with the sword among other things. So if you’ve ever been scared samuraisthen in this drawing tutorial you will have a fun ride. We’ll show you how to draw a perfect picture of a samurai from start to finish and we’ll do it in nine easy steps. The drawing will capture his armor and sword. How wonderful is that?!. You should also keep in mind that the more familiar you are with each step, the more likely your final draft is to be perfect and the more likely it is to attract an audience.Before we go any further, I am sure that my Art Supplies and Recommended Supplies page will be very helpful to you if you are looking for honest reviews of art supplies.. In it, I describe what art supplies and tools I use to draw and paint.That said, we’ll start by drawing a dummy. Manikin will serve as the foundation for our final sketch. Ready?. Let’s Rock!.

How to draw a Samurai


To get a great drawing of a samurai, you need to follow nine basic steps. That is;

  • Draw rib cage
  • Draw the hips and stomach
  • Draw legs
  • Drawing Arm And Hand Holding Tongue Katana.
  • Draw head
  • Draw the sword Katana
  • Draw armor
  • Draw armor plates
  • Drawing Last Line art
  • Step 1: Draw the Rib Cage

    Using the image above as a guide, the Samurais skeleton should be drawn using a 3/4 perspective. This just means that the right side facing the viewer will be larger in size than the left side. Read more: how to play clues uncover secret board game rib frame should start by drawing two curved horizontal lines. The bottom line should have a deeper arc than the top line. You should then draw two curved vertical lines that join the previously drawn horizontal lines at their extreme points. After doing that, divide the ribs with a vertical line using a 3/4 perspective. Once that is done, as shown in the figure, draw another curved vertical line on the right side of the rib cage. This will be used to highlight the underarm area. Once you have drawn it, continue to mark the position of the head by drawing a small circle at the top. rib frame. Flow from there, draw another circle at the top right of rib frame. This will be where the right arm will appear.

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    Step 2: Draw Hips and Abdomen.

    Step 1 frameGive bellyyou should draw two rather short vertical lines extending down from rib frame. Then a horizontal line that curves outwards connects those vertical lines. Give hip, you should draw them to have the shape of a man’s panties as depicted in the image. This is where our character’s legs will appear.

    Step 3: Draw the legs

    Step 2 hips and bellyOurs samurai The character will be drawn standing with feet apart. Each leg should be started as a large tube and then you should gradually reduce them as you come knee. To highlight knee, draw two horizontal lines on each knee and then draw a circle in between them as shown in the image above. Once you’re done, the next leg of the leg will then widen slightly and narrow as you reach the ankle. Then draw feet as seen.

    Step 4: Draw the arm and handle of the Katana sword

    Step 2 hips and bellyOur character’s arms should be outlined slightly away from the body and they should be drawn using a 3/4 perspective. This results in the right arm being larger in size than the left arm because the right side is facing the viewer. . They will then expand at the point where the lower arm is drawn and will decrease further as you reach the wrist. Once you’ve finished drawing, draw the hands as shown in the picture. When drawing hand, draw the fingers of the left hand clenched as it grips the handle of our character’s sword. The katana The handle should be drawn using two short and slightly spaced lines from each horizontal line. Then a short vertical line should be drawn at the top of the handle. Finally, draw arm and triceps by drawing the horizontal lines seen in the image.

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    Step 5: Draw the head

    Step 3 LegsGive the headFirst, draw a small neck extending from the circle at the top of the rib cage. Then draw the head as a medium sized oval. From there, draw a vertical and horizontal line that intersect in the oval. These lines will be useful for drawing facial features later on. Finally, let’s highlight our characters collar bone by drawing two oblique horizontal lines that meet in the middle rib frame.

    Step 6: Draw the Katana Blade

    Step 3 LegsRead more: how to raid in clash of clans tongue is one of the most important features of our character’s outfit and according to what is depicted in the image above, the katana sword should be drawn with two long horizontal lines with a small gap between them. The tongue should connect to the previously drawn handle and its tip should be pointed as shown in the attached image above.

    Step 7: Draw the armor

    Step 4 arms and handle katanaWell, a Japanese samurai armor made up of small protective parts from wood steel and leather. These parts are attached to each other by silk or leather straps. So, after referencing the picture above, let’s go ahead and draw our samurai armor one by one. To avoid getting overwhelmed, you can choose a body part and draw armor pieces on it and then continue until you’ve completed every part.

    Step 8: Draw the armor plates

    Step 4 arms and handle katanaThis is where we help make things look a little more realistic. We will include armor plate into our character drawing by sketching all the lines as shown in the image. Most of the lines are horizontal and placed close together. This means that when you are drawing, you should make sure to draw the horizontal lines not too far apart.

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    Step 9: Draw the final line art

    Step 5 FirstFor this stage you will need to fade the already drawn dummy. This is to prevent the manikin’s sketch from interfering with your final sketch. Using traces of the original sketch of the manikin, you will then continue to draw the final lines. It should include well-detailed, well-drawn features helmet, armor plate and a wakizashi (or small sword), on his belt, among many other things. Then you should add some shadow effects to your artboard. Shading has an easy way to make drawings look real and flawless. So go ahead and make your strokes darker. You can then shade places like our character’s waist, his armpits, and his neck area. If you want to know more about pencil shading, you can check out my free tutorial by clicking here.Step 5 First


    Right here is where we call our samurai drawing tutorial a wrap. You can go ahead and express satisfaction with what you’ve been able to put together on your drawing set. However, you should not hang your drawing tools yet. We recommend repeating the process a few more times. This will allow you to have a better grasp on how to draw characters and early enough that you can hone your skills and draw without having to seek the assistance of a drawing guide. top.Toni Justamante Jacobs.Read more: how to select all footnotes in wordStep 6 Sword

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