“Learn Kathak Dance” For Beginners Made Easy (Online Guide On How To Learn Kathak)

Introduction to Kathak Dance To learn Kathak dance, it is very important to understand a little about the history, origin and different elements of this dance form. Kathak is one of the most important classical dance forms in India. The origin of this dance form occurs due to the “kathakars” or storytellers. The kathakas are mainly composers or poets from the north of India. . These wanderers portrayed great epics through poems, songs or music. This piece was written by Bharata Muni, who was sophisticated in theater and music, and dates back to 200 BC to 200 BC. Furthermore, this dance form is divided into many different Gharanas, which makes the understanding of this dance form more complicated. The three main Gharanas of this dance form are Lucknow Gharana, Banaras Gharana and Jaipur Gharana.

first. LEARN KATHAK . Dancing


Read more: how to sew irish dance skirt Learning kathak involves learning different elements, such as steps, gestures, gestures, postures from the teacher or her instructor. Each and every element, related to the movement of the hand is called mud or hastas. Footwork, correct posture all prove equally important and relevant in this form of dance. Practice is also one of the most important factors, according to which the dance form must be practiced every day at a fixed time. Students’ brief understanding of history is also an important step in learning this dance form.


The basic Kathak pose is also known as Angas and mainly involves a very important part in giving the dance an attractive and aesthetic appeal. This mainly involves practicing body movements while keeping your body erect. The body in the kathak needs to be properly aligned to allow for controlled jumping, and also done so that individuals do not get injured while performing the jumps. First, the heels should be kept together while the feet should be kept apart. The second part is that the position of the knees should always be in a straight line with the feet and so should the hip area.

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The hand gestures related to the two types of mud that are Asamayukta are performed with one hand. The other is Samyukta hastas done with both hands. There is a lot of mud in Kathak that combines both Samyukta and Asamyukta mudras. Some of the popular dishes in Kathak are Pataka, Mudraakhaym, Mushti, Kartari Mukha, etc. The number of these stories is almost over 60 and needs special attention and constant learning. Read more: How to top up the cash app card at 7-11 also keeps the audience hooked to the dance because they can connect with the dance in a better way.


Performing various foot movements in the Kathak dance form is extremely important. Kathak footwork forms the basis of this dance form. The teacher teaches the footwork from the slow ‘laya’ and it eventually doubles, triples and possibly quadruple. Footwork is also known as “Taatkar” in Kathak, learning the different foot movements in Kathak is one of the hardest parts of learning this dance form. Like everything else, it will take regular practice. Furthermore, the combination of many “taals” and “laya” makes the Kathak dance form a bit difficult to master. These leg movements are performed by wearing ankle bells to the legs, creating a melodious sound.


Learning expressions and expressing them appropriately makes a dance form delicate and beautiful. They are called “Mukhaj Abhinaya” and play an important role in learning Kathak. As we all know, Kathak represents myths through dance in the form of a drama. This dance form involves facial expressions that can depict anger, sadness, happiness, etc. Without the proper expression, any dance becomes incomplete. Basic expressions must be inculcated and practiced to be able to use it appropriately with different jumps.

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Dance form involves learning and practicing all the elements to come up with a proper and perfect dance form in Kathak. Kathak involves various movements along with music and “taals” and various expressions in an appropriate way. Learning these elements takes a long time, so learners need to have patience when learning this dance form.


The benefits of learning and performing Kathak should also be communicated to learners as this can have a greater impact on getting them to learn this dance form.

  • Kathak makes the muscles strong and the body fit and flexible.
  • It also makes individuals represent India’s culture and heritage and delve deeply into it.
  • Kathak provides the combined benefits of being free on stage while performing and makes individuals more confident and in control.
  • It can also brighten your career as kathak constitutes a very vibrant career opportunity for future individuals.

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