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The story of the name Kieth begins with a family living in Keith land in the East Lothian county. The Keiths are traditionally descended from Robert, an early Chieftain of the Catti tribe, and possibly one of the earliest settlers in Scotland. Robert joined King Malcolm II at the battle of Panbridge, in 1006, against Camus, the leader of the Danes. Robert killed Camus and King Malcolm granted Robert the hereditary title of Marshall of Scotland, with a baron in Lothian and Inskeith Island in Edinburgh Bay. It is because of this title that the Keiths are sometimes referred to as Marshalls, and many Clansmen have used that name.

The Early Origins of the Kieth . Family


The surname Kieth was first found in Haddingtonshire, where Harvey Keith, the aforementioned Robert Keith’s successor (died 1346) inherited the post of Field Marshal in the late 13th century, but was imprisoned by the British until 1304. ” [King] Edward was ‘one of his worst enemies,’ and ‘of bad repute,’ he was ordered to be taken to Nottingham Castle; but, upon arriving in York on his way, was sent to Bristol Castle. In 1302, he was admitted as pacifist to the king, and returned to Scotland, mentioned having dinner with the Prince of Wales at Perth in February 1304.” [1]Read more: how to make a scientific working model for the exhibition He became one of Scotland’s four Deputy Wards. He joined the cause of King Robert the Bruce, and with their aid in obtaining the Scottish crown, the House was granted the royal forest of Kintore. Harvey Keith commanded the Scots Cavalry at Bannockburn and was perhaps more important to the destruction of the British army than any other. He was once again granted land for his work, this time at the expense of House Cumming (Comyn), whose estates in Buchan had been acquired by House Keith. Dunottar Castle. He brought back the bones and heart of James Douglas, as well as the heart of King Robert I of Scotland, back to Scotland after Douglas was killed on a crusade in Spain. Through her marriage to an heiress of the Cheynes of Axkergill, the Keiths obtained land in Caithrless, and began a never-ending feud with their new neighbors, Gunns and others.

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Early history of the Kieth . family

This website only displays a small excerpt of our Kieth research. 359 other words (26 lines of text) including the years 1438, 1464, 1475, 1540, 1588, 1581, 1553, 1623, 1585, 1635, 1610, 1670, 1714, 1718, 1699, 1758, 1694, 1664, 1712 , 1638, 1716, and are included in the Early Ornamental History theme in all of our Extended History PDF and print products wherever possible.

Spelling Variations of Kieth

Read more: how to remove ghost mode on coin master Before the first dictionaries appeared a few hundred years ago, scribes spelled out sounds. Spelling variations are common among Scottish names. Kieth has been spelled as Keith, Keath, Ceieach (Gaelic) and others.

Early notables of the Kieth family (before 1700)

Notable among the House at this time was William Keith (d. 1475), 1st Earl of Marischal of Scotland; Agnes Keith, Countess of Moray (1540-1588), a Scottish noblewoman; William Keith, 4th Earl of Marischal (died 1581), a Scottish nobleman and politician; George Keith, 5th Earl of Marischal (c.1553-1623), a Scottish nobleman; William Keith, 6th Earl of Marischal (1585-1635), a Scottish lord, Earl of Marischal and naval officer; William… Another 61 words (4 lines of text) are included in the Kieth Early Notes topic in all of our PDF Extended History products and print products wherever possible.

Irish The Kieth family’s migration to Ireland

Some of the Kieth family members have moved to Ireland, but this topic is not in topqa.infoher This 59 words (4 lines of text) about their life in Ireland is included in all Open History productions. Expand our PDF and print products where possible. Read more : How to wire the killswitch on a lawn mower

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