How to Write a Skit

Video How to write a skitA skit is a small show or performance consisting of little comedy. To prepare an engaging skit, you have to come up with humorous ideas. Determine the genre and length of your skit. Decide what you’re trying to do with your story. Do you want to convey a message or just make your audience laugh? What tone would you like to set? Read: how to write a skit After you’ve decided what your skit should look like, sit down and start writing.

Develop your ideas


Sometimes a great idea may not come up, but usually, you should look for it. Find inspiration for a story by watching YouTube videos or reading famous comedy sketches. Focus on situations you find funny. Then, get a notebook and write down all the interesting thoughts. Each featured skit has a strong point that can be easily identified. Make sure your story has a clear idea – it will make your skit unique.

Outline the story

Read more: how to play the clues discover the secret board game Even if your skit is very small, the skit should have a beginning, middle and end. That’s why when writing your story, you need to identify these three parts and divide the information accordingly. Because skits are humorous in nature, your introduction can depict a normal, everyday situation. The middle part is when something out of the norm happens. The conclusion is when there is a climax and resolution.

Write the first draft

There are several rules and formats for writing skits. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure it’s easy to follow. When creating your first draft, don’t try to make everything perfect. Your aim is just to get a general sketch that you will improve on later.

  • Write the title at the beginning of your skit.
  • Below are the names of the people involved.
  • To include a dialogue, center the name of the character speaking. On the next line, write a dialogue.
  • To write actions, use parentheses.
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Build action

Your skit should have a climactic action before reaching the climax and then ending. Make sure to keep your script short as you can lose the sense of humor if you write too long. Usually, the first draft takes about five pages, but you can cut some sections after that. So don’t worry, use as many words as you need to reveal your subject and build action.

Keep improving your drafts

After you finish your first draft, read it out. This will help you realize which parts of your skit should be improved. It’s always helpful to get honest feedback. Take notes of what people find funny and not funny at all. While you may enjoy some of the jokes, they may not be appropriate for your particular story. Make sure your skit is clear and to the point. Consider removing lines and dialogue that don’t play an important role in your story.

Make your Skit

Depending on how serious you are about performing your skits, you may want to find talented people to present your skits to. Organize rehearsals and give the actors your script pages. If you work in a group and already know who will perform, then plan a few rehearsals to practice. Since your skits are short, one or two rehearsals are usually enough. If you’re going to shoot your skit, you’ll need to have a camera and some lighting if possible. You can then upload your skit to YouTube for others to see.

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