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As this Covid-19 virus is keeping a large portion of the US population indoors, we may be inclined to just turn on Netflix and wait for our time. But what if we could do something more impactful? Like writing for people who are really isolated: elderly people in nursing homes, people with immune diseases, and more? If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of writing a letter to a complete stranger, I’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find some great ideas for what you can write.

Why do it in the first place?


It can be overwhelming to take a few days off work and spend time at home. But for many, this has become a reality in their daily lives. Elderly people in nursing homes don’t leave their homes as much as you and I, with a few trips out year-round being their highlight. Now, with extra precautions taken to protect their physical health, the majority of older adults will receive little or no medical care in the coming months. Loneliness is already very common among the elderly. While I’m all about keeping them physically healthy, I can only imagine what these measures are doing to them emotionally. And although we have a lot of ways to reach each other online (Facetime, Zoom, etc.), not all old people are tech-savvy. Daily routine. Furthermore, seeing their name on the envelope shows them that someone is thinking of them – that they are loved! That someone took the time and effort to write them a letter, share a story, tell them they matter. It has a great effect on someone! And while a Skype call can lift someone’s spirits a little, a letter is something they can look back on and re-read over and over again.. Never underestimate the power a handwriting can have on someone. It can calm their nerves and help create tangible memories. Below, you find some ideas to get you started.

Just start writing

Starting a letter to a stranger can feel intimidating, but once you start, I can assure you – the words will start to flow. My best tip: write as if you were starting a conversation with someone in the line at the grocery store. Tell them about the weather, what’s going on in your life, or an interesting thing you read on the internet. Anything goes!

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Write something encouraging

Read more: How to get rid of cockroaches without a cockroach exterminator While it’s easy to vent your worries and frustrations on paper, letters to strangers are an act of kindness: make sure you bring joy! Write something that can cheer someone up in times of loneliness. Be it an inspirational post, retell a poem that inspires you, or share a life lesson. Something that seems small to you can have a big impact on a stranger, so be consistent with your heart.

Write something thinking

One thing lonely people don’t often hear is that they matter. It was someone thinking about them. That they have value. Seeing those words on paper can touch someone deep down in their heart – and maybe even more powerful than hearing the words in person. Something about the words on a piece of paper makes it real, strengthens them, makes them more true. And as mentioned before, letters can be read over and over again.

Write something personal

Another way to approach a letter to a stranger is to write something about yourself! Write about the family you have and how they bring you joy at this time. What life lessons did you learn? Can you tell about your grandparents, what do you learn from them? Reading about someone’s life can be a huge distraction for a lonely person. It allows them to live vicariously through your story and gives them hope for the future. When it comes to yourself, though, make sure you stay focused on your partner: don’t do it all about yourself!

Topics to Avoid + Best Practices

When you write a letter to a stranger, remember: they are a stranger! This makes a lot of sense, but you don’t know where they stand on topics like religion and politics. Therefore, it is best to avoid those types of topics. Some best practice tips:

  • Write clearly and a little larger than usual: not everyone has 20/20 vision!
  • Write your own letter – this makes it much more personal than a typed letter.
  • Don’t make your letter too long: 1 page is more than enough. Even just a card with a brief message makes someone brighter! Short and sweet is great.
  • Writing a letter to a stranger is an act of kindness: make sure your letter isn’t about you, but really elevates the other person.
  • Don’t completely ask them to rewrite or write in a way that forces them to respond. This puts pressure on an action that should only bring pleasure. Please include your return address to give them the option to write back to you, but don’t expect them to.
  • Are you still stuck? The Letters To Strangers project has created some letter templates to help you get juice! I also attached 2 sample letters I sent to the first 2 addresses I sent myself! You can also follow these Instagram accounts for inspiration and to send letters to strangers: @lettertoastranger, @l2smentalhealth, @strangersproj.
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Reward Points

Some ways to make your letter even more impactful:

  • Creation! Use your colors, craft skills, whatever! It instantly brings joy to anyone who opens it!
  • Get the kids involved. Now that schools are closed for the foreseeable future, consider writing to a stranger a fun way to fill the afternoon! Ask each child to draw a nice picture, and write a small note with their personal message to go with their drawing. In one afternoon, you can change the lives of 2-3 elderly people.

Love Diary

As mentioned earlier, the elderly in our community will really feel the impact of this Covid-19 virus. I’m doing my part in enhancing this group’s value through a new project: Love Notes. You can send me your letter to a stranger, and I send it, in a calligraphic envelope, to someone in my database who really deserves it. You can also contribute to this database by submitting an address, if you know someone who needs a little extra snail mail love at this time. , comes with a beautifully crafted flat card, addressed to your loved one, and a calligraphic addressable envelope – ready to go with postage.

Sample letter

Now if you still need some inspiration, here are two letters I wrote to the first 2 strangers sent to the address list. we are living! I came across this poem today, and I thought I would share it with you today! “When things start to feel like everything should have surrounded by boundless everything gets better. There’s more to you than yesterday” – Morgan Harper Nichols I Don’t Know Love picture of you right now, but just know that you are not alone. Someone is thinking of you. – Sincerely, Sample Letter Charlotte 2 Hello! You don’t know me and I don’t know you. My name is Charlotte, and chances are, I’m not in the same position in life as you, but we have one thing in common: during this time we both probably miss our loved ones. My family is both abroad, in the Netherlands, and I was planning to visit them last week, after not seeing them for a year and a half. Naturally, I was very confused when I had to cancel my trip. Now, I could have fallen for that loss, and let it affect me and my activities this week, but I’m not a victim, and I don’t want to let my emotions dictate my behavior. his movement. So I started to look at the positives this situation has brought me – I see my husband more, since his shop closed and he’s at home. I talk to my mother more, just to strike up a conversation – as do my sisters. Yesterday, I shot a craft video that will help give some kids fun and self-expression! I certainly wouldn’t have thought of doing it if March had gone the way I had planned. All of this to be said – I hope you’ll see some bearings in these uncertain times. Any little shimmer can give us hope moving forward! And if you can’t right now – that’s okay too. No one can blame you. I just hope this little note brings you a little joy – just know that I’m thinking of you! – Sincerely, Charlotte

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