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Write gender charactersGender Pride FlagWelcome back to Storytelling! Previously on this blog I talked about writing characters outside of the binary gender. While it’s a great general guide, it’s also a big umbrella with dozens of distinct and unique identifiers underneath it! I’d like to start focusing on some of the more specific non-binary gender identities, so today we’re going to discuss how to write worldfluid characters! Reading passage: how to write worldfluid for “gender identity or gender expression is not fixed and can change over time.” The key point here is that an individual’s gender is not as stable as its gender – it can change or move in response to a whole host of internal or external factors. A person’s gender identity or expression without dimerization can also change without any apparent cause – it’s a deeply personal and introspective feeling, not a scientific principle. learn! In addition to those two factors, gender soft characters can experience any gender identity – they can transition to feeling a gender neutral, genderless, a combination of genders, or a gender outside the way we as a society view the concept! When writing gender-soft characters, try not to get too caught up in “what is my gender today.” Instead, think of their gender as the tides or the phases of the moon. You can’t always see the change take place and you probably won’t be able to tell exactly when it will, but it certainly is now! sat for months “I often feel like I don’t fit the boundaries of the word girl. It reminds me of a country that I can happily visit, but the longer I stay, the more I know that I can’t live there all the time.” – Amy Rose Capetta, The Brilliant Death Writing characters without gender can be difficult for users with static gender identity, because non-fixed gender can be difficult to conceptualize. the majority are still expected to keep the gender they were assigned to on the day they were born! And beyond that, there’s a lot of pressure on transgender and non-binary individuals to “pick” a gender and fit in with it forever. Get rid of the notion that all genders are intrinsic and completely static, even if that’s true of you. That’s not a common experience! Genderfluid folx have no basic gender awareness of their own. For many people about gender, gender is something that needs to be interacted with, like a form of self-expression or a response to a certain situation. The gender of a genderless individual may feel this way if they are alone, in a different way with their friends, and in a different way with their family.Cover image of the novel The Brilliant Death of AR CapettaThe AR CapettaGender’s brilliant death can also change and change without any such external force. It can move beneath the feet of a person with anaemia, instructing them in a dance they don’t always know the steps to perform. This can be challenging when someone first confirms their gender, but eventually they fall into the rhythm and find a certain beautiful resonance with their expression and identity. Of course, the tone can always change and that can be jarring – but with the right support and understanding, an individual without a gender can change and improvise until they identify steps again. always inside of them, even if they never appeared before. While there is no static certainty about the identity or appearance of a non-gendered person, there is an intrinsic truth and authenticity to what they are experiencing. Genderfluidity removes the notion that static gender is the essence of the human experience, and writing genderless characters also requires you to get rid of that notion. Make sure you don’t think of your character’s gender as a light switch – or, really, even a dimmer. Genderfluid folx aren’t limited to a simple sliding scale between men and women, with neutrals comfortably placed in the middle and they certainly don’t just slide back and forth between binary genders! I mean – some maybe. Like I said, there’s no wrong way to be gender lax. However, most people I’ve talked to have found this to be a fairly straightforward way to write genderless characters. Especially in writing, converting pronouns for a character can be confusing. That’s not to say it’s impossible – AR Capetta did an incredible job in The Brilliant Death, but it certainly wasn’t easy! My recommendation is to have a specific set of pronouns your character uses, such as they/they, with permission for others to use other pronouns with their permission. This is the approach I tend to take in my own fiction. You can also make it so that different characters know who is nonbinary by different genders – like Robin Hobb did with The Fool in her Realm of the Elderlings series. His biological gender is never revealed, but he is known as a man by a group of characters, one woman, and in later novels move freely between them. Have to ask your character to explain their gender identity at some point, so the audience understands why you chose to change the pronouns around. Or, alternatively, if you decide to stick with just one gender-neutral pronoun and vary around your character’s expression, you’ll need to make sure your character doesn’t have an explicit gender instead. several other vaguely defined non-binary gender identities. Conclusion: If you already have a static gender, writing genderless characters requires you to reevaluate how you perceive gender. Get rid of the idea that gender is inherently static, or that everyone experiences their gender your way, and you’re off to a good start! That’s the results for this week! I’ll be back next week to continue this discussion on how to write genderless characters, but until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep writing! Read more: how to make homemade playground slide

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