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5 Tips to Always Win at Beer Pong (Everytime) I played beer pong in Dive NQ last week and I won’t lie – I gave my ass to me. Games abound – for a few simple reasons: Read: how to win at beer pong ● I didn’t go to college in the US. ● I have never attended a university in the US. ● I don’t own a New York Yankees cap like Fred Durst. ● My mother always told me not to play with my food. ● I can’t drink beer anymore So the above list are the main reasons why I lost. It had nothing to do with my poor hand/eye coordination and severe hand tremors after a month so long. I present this knowledge now to you…Aim and choose a glass Of course there are many ‘experts’ about Beer Pong, and one of them on the internet suggests that you should choose the glasses you aim for very carefully. By choosing the right ones, you can ensure that the chances of success are much greater. In the simplest terms, aim for the cups in front and back at the back. If the ball bounces off the front ones, momentum will be more likely to get it into the cup further back, rather than bouncing forward. Simple science innit.Read more: how to make a cage for small animals Read more: How to properly clean a wax heateraimThrows There are three main schools of thought about which throw is best. This is because there are 3 main types of throws. There’s the Arc (a long, high, slow drop into the cup), the Fast Ball (a fast, low, aggressive jab) and the Bounce (you throw the ball off the table once, obviously). My personal favorite is Bounce, mainly because when the ball hits the table for the first time, the table absorbs a lot of energy – meaning the ball is a lot slower and less likely to bounce off the cup and more fall to the floor. : how to make a small animal cagethrowHold the ball There are millions of ways to throw the ball. You can do it with your hand like Frank Reynolds, overhand like Freddy Flintoff or you can swipe it out of your palm like some jock in Alpha Sigma Phi on the road. However, it seems the most common method (and fool proof) is to place the ball between your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Just trof slightly with your two larger fingers to get the ball inside and use your thumb to project the ball across the table. Practice too – obviously. Read more: how to make a small animal cagethrowTake your opponent’s head This tip really works for any game. Psychology is a great tool to win, and if you can get into your opponent’s head – you’ve done half the job. Of course, there are ways to do this – it all depends on your opponent – so it’s a good idea to chat with them before (or during) to see what they’re like. If you find a useful button that you can press – keep pressing until it ticks. Don’t oppose someone bigger than you – unless you’re Bruce Lee. Read more: how to make a small animal cagehold the ballNever stop drinking This is just as important as all the other tips – never stop drinking while playing Beer Pong – or you’ll get stressed and damned. Drinking a glass of wine will relax you, keep your hands supple and smooth, and ensure that you have the arrogance and confidence to BELIEVE you can win. The only problem is when you go too far – it’s the tie between that perfectly drunk Beer Pong area and being so drunk you can’t see the cups at the end of the table. …………………… ..I played Beer Pong in Dive NQ where you can play anytime with a pitcher of beer or even a bottle of Prosecco. Book now …………………… ..Dive NQ, 12 Tib St, Manchester M4 1SH 0334390000 commentsRead more: How to share bitmoji stories on snapchat

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