how to wear high top converse with shorts womens

It’s well known that converses are so versatile that they fit almost any casual outfit idea. For me, there is too much to say when it comes to styling converse, as there are so many different styles, cuts, and colors of converse. In this blog post, I will specifically focus on the top converse and mainly talk about black and white. I’m pretty sure this would become a book if I talked about all the colors and cuttings, so I won’t, at least for now. So, let’s take a look at some of my favorite converse high top outfit ideas now.

Black turtleneck Converse with comfortable cardigan and mini skirt


Buy black converse high top here Source Read: how to wear a converse high top with women’s shorts This is a great example of how to look elegant with converse. Wear a turtleneck black converse with a black mini skirt and comfortable cardigan for this simple yet elegant and beautiful look. A nice black wallet will definitely come in handy.

White turtleneck top with gray cardigan and skinny jeans

white converse high waisted jeans sweater Buy white converse turtlenecks here source For a casual yet edgy look, try wearing white converse turtlenecks with a solid gray cardigan and skinny jeans. That’s it. That shows you how easy and beautiful it is to wear the converse.

White Converse with blue sweater and red plaid scarf

High end white converse green wool scarf Get a similar pullover here source This outfit is a good example of how to use contrasting colors to create a dynamic and eye-catching look. The combination of a red plaid scarf and a blue sweater goes perfectly with a white turtleneck. This would be a great casual outfit for fall.

White Converse with Crop Top and Fluffy Skirt

Converse white crop top flare skirt Get a similar white long-sleeve crop top here Source A youthful and cute way to wear a white converse high top is to pair them with a white long-sleeve crop top and a black flared skirt . This outfit will flatter your legs and waistline and it’s a nice outfit idea for summer and spring.

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Gray turtleneck with plaid top and pants

gray high waisted plaid converse jacket Buy gray converse boots here Source Read more: how to make a wooden dummy with elastic wings Besides black and white, gray is also a popular color choice for turtleneck converse. This outfit shows how you can wear gray shoes in a more artistic style. Wear them with a plaid blazer, casual pants and a beanie.

White Converse with low-rise jeans and white vest

converse white wrist jeans white vest vest Get a similar black-rimmed bag here source This outfit uses a white turtleneck, rolled-up jeans and a white vest for a fresh spring look. Tie a denim jacket around your waist for a more stylish look.

Black turtleneck Converse with denim shorts and pink jacket

black turtleneck converse denim shorts Grab a similar pink jacket here Source: Denim shorts and high-top converse shoes are the perfect match. As a great example of a mix, this outfit uses a black turtleneck, denim shorts, and pale pink jacket for a simple, stylish look.

White Converse with Sleeveless Cardigan & Denim Shorts

white long-sleeve cardigan with high-top converse shoes Grab a similar striped sleeveless cardigan here source Here is another good example of how layering can make you look slimmer and taller. It is also another outfit idea that involves denim shorts and converse shoes. This is such a beautiful spring outfit. Just wear a white t-shirt, a sleeveless cardigan and denim shorts with a white turtleneck. This has to be my favorite outfit idea on this list because of how perfectly these pieces come together. And if you want to learn more about sleeveless cardigans, check out our blog post on sleeveless cardigans.

Black turtleneck with denim shorts and white shirt

white shirt converse high waisted denim shorts Grab a similar white shirt here source Here’s a very minimalist outfit idea that can really flatter your legs. Just wear a black converse high top with denim shorts and a white shirt. And it really is that simple. You also want to make your shirt look taller in this outfit.

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Black Converse with white sweater and pink jacket

Converse black high waisted skinny jeans with pink jacket Get a similar hot pink denim jacket here source This outfit features a white sweater and pink jacket. For the bottom, just wear black skinny jeans and a black turtleneck. The entire black bottom helps people focus on your upper body. This is a perfect outfit to go out to eat.

Converse High Top in white with an off-the-shoulder top

Read more: how to add mods to starbound serverone shoulder high neck converse shirt Get a similar white one shoulder blouse here source For a fresh and sexy look, here’s a very minimalistic and pretty outfit idea. Simply wear an off-the-shoulder top with boy friend jeans and a white turtleneck. A stylish long necklace will be the icing for this cake.

Dress All Black with leather jacket

all black leather jacket Converse costume Grab a similar black leather jacket here from the Black Converse source that pairs perfectly with the black leather jacket. Indeed, I believe there is also black leather converse, but the typical blacks would go well with this outfit. This is a full black outfit with a black turtleneck, black leather jacket, and black skirt.

Wear with leather pants & jacket

trench coat high waisted converse leather pants Get a similar trench coat here source Let’s talk about this creative outfit that you don’t easily see people wearing but it looks great. The combination includes a trench coat, black and white striped cardigan, leather pants and black converse shoes. It’s amazing how these seemingly unrelated pieces can look so proportionate when put together.

Wear with Boho skirt & high socks

boho t shirt dress black high top converse Sometimes, converse works well with boho looks, just when you find the right dress. For this outfit idea, the simple dress with a bit of boho element goes well with the black turtleneck. High socks really help hold them together.

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Wear with a striped wool dress

White high neck converse striped sweater outfit Get a similar striped cardigan here Source You can also wear a black and white striped knit dress with white converse shoes. This can be a pretty spring outfit without a jacket and a fall outfit with a boyfriend jacket. The best part about them is that they don’t make people focus on the shoes, but they go well with different outfits, so they never make the clothes and shoe combination look weird. In a nutshell, wearing a converse is both safe and makes you look better. I hope that you enjoyed the outfit ideas I just shared and check out many of our other outfit ideas in this site. Read more: how to shrink in bluestacks | Top Q&A

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