how to wear a long cardigan with a dress

Ahh, skinny runway models. They always make wearing long, loose panties look like a breeze when, for the average mid laner, it’s not quite so easy. Those lumps, bumps, and aging shoulders that slouch can make a twisted sweater look like a rough old sweater if you don’t know how to style it properly. for a second look. Here are 5 reasons to love long cardigans and tips on how to wear them without looking sloppy.

Reasons to Love Long Cardigans…


There are plenty of good reasons to embrace a cardigan:

  • They are warm and cozy. You will want to live in them all winter!
  • They’re a great way to deal with sleeveless tops, which I know many of you don’t wear loosely because you like to cover your arms.
  • They give an outfit more presence. They don’t command like a coat, but because they’re semi-structured, they give you some power, albeit in a softer way.
  • Long cardigans are also great for travel. When traveling by plane, train or car, you want something light, warm and comfortable, and a cardigan is fine!
  • If you steer clear of long cardigans because, in your mind, an oversized cardigan weighs more than 10 pounds, know this: there are ways to wear a cardigan that can actually be very off. fat.

How to wear a long sweater with jeans

Warm turtlenecks add an extra layer of layering and bulk, but the right pants can detract from this look. Loose pants or baggy jeans worn with a long cardigan will make you look baggy and loose. Slim-fit jeans with a small flare at the hem can look great if you want an extra boho feel, but even then, you’ll need to wear heels to get the look right. . , but the easiest and most beautiful is to wear tight jeans. A long cardigan over skinny jeans will create a slim and modern feel. And if you want to look edgy, make them faux leather leggings.

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How to wear a long sweater with a skirt

A slim, fitted dress or a shirt dress looks great with a cardigan, making you look less dressy and more restrained. A long cardigan with a summer frock is a great way to transition into fall and save more money on your wardrobe.

More styling tips for wearing long…

1. Avoid anything thick underneath

Besides you will be boiled in thick or heavy clothes, you will also look like a mama bear! Wear a stretchy, fitted T-shirt with a V-neckline or waist, very thin knits, or a nice, silky shirt or crisp shirt. Read more: how to get deleted photos from Zte phone without computer

2. Class A Long sweater on a color pole

This trick is especially helpful for big girls who don’t want to be too bulky, or a petite girl who’s worried about being swallowed up by a cardigan. By wearing a dark color from top to bottom, including flats, and layering a plain or printed cardigan on top in a lighter or lighter color, you will create the illusion of color that makes your body appear longer and lighter. thinner. go up and down that long dark vertical line down the middle. All one color as a base is also a great way to show off your long cardigan and make it the centerpiece. This trick works with dark + pants, a dark shirt, or a dark (i.e. black) skirt.

3. Wear high heels with cardigans

Boots or loafers look great with skinny jeans and cardigans, but if you’re concerned that heels will make you look shorter and shorter, try ankle heels. It doesn’t have to be sky-high, just a few inches will balance out the length and weight of a cardigan and make you look taller and thinner. This is a nice look for work.

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4. Belt a cardigan

Roll up your sleeves, grab a belt and wrap it around your waist to show off your curves. The heavier the knit, the thicker/chunk the belt. This could be a cool looking girl in a prom long cardigan.Read more: how to get back deleted photos from zte phone without cardigan | tank | mule | ponte leggings | a bag

Read more: how to reduce humidity in a grow tentCashmere Cardigans– Classic, sophisticated and always elegantGrandad Cardigans – slightly rounded, oversized and knit thinner. Usually ribbed.Colorblock Cardigans – These are great for a fun, casual lookCardigans . Waterfall – These long lingerie sets are usually quite thin and pleated, highlighting your figure.Cableknit Cardigans – Classic, neat and always gorgeous.Animal Printed Cardigans – Super trendy, very popular, a great way to make your wardrobe pop! My favorite? This leather turtleneck sweater!

See that nice cardigan I just bought? See more of this red cardigan here Read more: how to remove silver nitrate stains on skin

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