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If you want to completely change the look and feel of iOS, WinterBoard is the jailbreak app that can do it. Here’s how to use WinterBoard on your iPhone or iPad. iOS is inherently beautiful but sometimes we all like to get creative at some point and mix things up a bit, that’s where WinterBoard comes into play. to use WinterboardWinterBoard is a free jailbreak app you can download from Cydia and it gives you the power to change the iOS “theme”. This means you can change things like fonts, icons, colors, backgrounds, and pretty much every other UI element you can think of. one tweak to change the font and another to change another UI element. Instead, WinterBoard can do all of that and then some. Here’s how to use WinterBoard if you’re interested in customizing the look and design of your iPhone or iPad.

How WinterBoard works


You might think that after downloading WinterBoard you will have instant access to all kinds of different themes that you can try right away, but in reality it doesn’t work like that.Read more: How to wear a lace front wig Instead, it works by downloading the WinterBoard app and then returning to Cydia to download separate themes that you can then open in WinterBoard and apply to your iPhone or iPad.

Install WinterBoard

So to get started, you’ll want to download WinterBoard from Cydia, which you can do by going to Search at the bottom and then type “WinterBoard” in the search box at the top.Winterboard-jailbreak-1It will pop up in the list. Tap it and then tap Setting in the upper right corner to install WinterBoard. Once it’s installed, you’ll need to restart your iPhone or iPad, but after the reboot you can go back to iOS and WinterBoard will be installed and ready to use some themes.

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Download the theme

The next step is to download a theme now that you have WinterBoard installed.Winterboard-jailbreak-4To do this, go back to Cydia and you can tap Topic on the Cydia homepage to see featured themes or you can tap Source tab and then select All sources. From there, scroll down and select Topic. The second option will allow you to see all available themes, listed in alphabetical order. Read more: how to connect two vizio sound bars together There are many themes available, so you should research some good ones that you like first and then search for them on Cydia. We featured some of our favorite themes earlier this year. To search for a specific topic by name, tap Search at the bottom in Cydia and then type the name of the theme in the search box at the top. Keep in mind that most themes usually cost a dollar or two, so you can’t really just apply a trial-and-error mindset here.

Theme settings

Now that you have downloaded your theme, you can now install it through WinterBoard. To do this, go to Setting and then scroll down to find Snowboards. Open it up and then tap Choose a theme at top.Winterboard-jailbreak-5You should see your theme you just downloaded in the list. Just tap it to activate it (a check mark will appear next to it). Go ahead and also touch and enable other theme elements if available. Then go back to the previous page and tap Feedback in the upper left corner. Your iPhone will recover and then you will be able to access your device where the new theme will now be rolled out. To undo a topic and return to the inventory, simply go to WinterBoard> Choose a theme and touch the theme to deselect and disable it. You will need to resurrect your device to apply the changes. Read more: how to make a hair bow for dogs

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