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Vaginal tightening gels like V-Tight are said to be a miracle cure for women who feel their vagina is lost or full. And, after using them, you may even think, it feels different, but the difference is not “tighter” – and in many cases it can be dangerous to health. your vagina.

How does the vaginal tightening gel claim to work?

Some vaginal tightening gels like V-Tight Gel claim that strong astringent properties can heal a wide range of vaginal health problems, from curing or reversing vaginal dryness and laxity to reduce secretions. These types of treatments will often celebrate ancient wisdom or claim exotic origins as part of their sales pitch. Higher expectations, a placebo effect or even a stronger sex life to test results, can make women using them feel that the gel is working, but analysis of what gels These and their promises show that science doesn’t back their claims.

What Really Happens When You Use Vaginal Tightening Gel?

What many of these gels do is dry out the lining that makes up the vagina, reducing its ability to lubricate. Without lubricant, you’ll experience more friction and irritation, but not because your vagina is “tighter.” Eventually, this friction becomes painful and can cause minor injuries and other tissues that leave the vagina vulnerable to infection and inflammation. Vaginal tightening gels can also cause temporary swelling of vaginal tissues, which can be interpreted as “tightening,” but those reactions are short-lived. Read more: how to get theme on ps3 -natural composition? Well, have you ever taken a hot chili pepper and rubbed your eyes without thinking? Hot peppers are natural, but that doesn’t mean you should rub them on your mucous membranes. All-natural ingredients can still be strong irritants. While pepper can sting your eyes, the “all-natural” ingredients in vaginal tightening creams will irritate the lining of your vagina. Many people actually list known irritants like cinnamon, ginger, cocoa, and bell peppers as active ingredients! But the satisfaction of friction on irritated tissues does not mean that the gel has tightened your vagina. It does mean, however, that you should get checked out by a urologist and make sure the irritation doesn’t turn into something more serious.

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Since Vaginal Tightening Gel Doesn’t Work, What Are My Options?

Pelvic floor kegel exercises are an effective way to strengthen and tone your vaginal area, which can help reduce urinary incontinence and improve sexual satisfaction. Kegel exercises involve tightening the muscles of your pelvic floor for a number of repetitions throughout the day. These are the same muscles used to stop the flow of urine. If you do Kegels, your pelvic floor will be better able to support the vagina and surrounding structures; However, your pelvic floor muscles are not the same as the vaginal wall. Many vaginal tightening gels and even vaginal tightening pills recommend doing Kegels while using their products so that you will feel some lasting results from this legit procedure. the use of other vaginal tightening products. This treatment narrows the vaginal canal by thickening the vaginal wall and the collagen structures that support and shape the vagina. This laser treatment penetrates the vaginal wall and deeper tissues to encourage the growth of new collagen structures that firm and “full” the vaginal wall. The treatment also resurfaces the inside of the vaginal wall, activating new, healthy tissue in the vaginal lining for better resilience and lubrication. diVa® can also help alleviate mild cases of urinary incontinence.Read more: Skyrim: How to Call Your Horse | Top Q&A Learn more about DiVa® Laser Vaginal TherapyRead more: Skyrim: How to Call Your Horse | Top Q & AVaginoplasty is a surgical solution commonly used by women who have experienced straining, muscle separation, or tearing during childbirth. Looseness caused by the hormonal changes of menopause and aging can also be treated with vaginoplasty. This procedure surgically reconstructs the vaginal canal so it is narrower and has better support. Vaginoplasty can also improve symptoms of urinary incontinence. Schedule a consultation with the experienced and professional team at Coyle Institute. We’ll help you deal with your vaginal laxity concerns and find the best treatment for your body and your symptoms. Read more: How to pronounce Baguette in French?

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