how to use the heart of the sea in minecraft pe

A Heart of the Sea is a rare Minecraft item that can be obtained from a buried treasure chest and used for a number of useful purposes. These naturally generated structures are packed with goodies and loot to collect, but nothing beats a buried treasure map. is led to a buried treasure chest. Inside these chests, the Heart of the Sea can be found. This rare item can then be used to create a powerful path.

How to get and use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Read more: how to build a stone crawler Before players can create their own pipeline, they first need to obtain the Heart of the Sea. The only way to get Heart of the Sea without using command is from a buried chest. To locate buried treasure, players first need to find buried treasure maps, buried treasure maps that can be obtained from chests inside shipwrecks and ocean ruins. Both of these created structures are commonly found underwater in ocean depths, but can sometimes be found on the surface. After all, X marks the position. Heart of the Sea has a 100% chance of being in a hidden treasure chest. This is great for players, as it provides a guaranteed path to rare items.

How to make a conduit

The conduit is a useful beacon-like block that will protect the player from hostile underwater mobs and provide powerful status effects. The conduit’s power effect will be granted to all players exposed to rain or water who are within the sphere of the conduit. This effect increases underwater mining speed, restores oxygen, and grants Minecraft players night vision underwater.Read more: How to get rid of rodents in a compost bin To craft a conduit, players need to combine Heart of the Sea with eight nautilus shells on the crafting table. These shells can be found from fishing as a treasure item, are less likely to drop when drowned, and have a chance of being purchased from a wandering trade for five emeralds. on each shell. place a water surface centered on a radius of 3x3x3 and surrounded by the appropriate canvas. Water can be source block, flowing water block or flooded block, in terms of framework only prism block, dark prism block, prism block and lighthouse block can be used to successfully activate the conduit. For the visual assistant, a YouTube video has been included in this article that introduces different ways to create trigger frames. A minimum of 16 blocks is required to create the minimum projection range for the conduit source effect, which is 32 blocks. For every additional seven blocks added to the frame, it expands the radius of the duct by 16 blocks. The maximum range of a conduit is 96 blocks, which will have a frame of 42 blocks. Follow Sportskeeda Minecraft on YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook for the latest news and updates! Read more: How to unlock a child-safe door Avatar

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