how to use sticky bombs in gta 5 ps4

If you have played GTA 5, then you must be familiar with Sticky Bombs. For those of you who don’t know, Sticky Bombs are like C4 explosives. As the name suggests, when you throw a Sticky Bomb, it will stick to the surface, you can go to Ammu-Nation store to buy Sticky Bombs in GTA 5. Sticky Bombs are liked by many players because of their sticky ability. practically any surface.Read: how to use sticky bombs in gta 5 ps4Read more: how to add fonts to firealpaca | Top Q & AIn GTA Online, many players consider Sticky Bombs as a good alternative to Car Bombs. This is because Car Bombs are more expensive than Stick Bombs.

How to detonate Sticky Bomb in GTA 5

Sticky Bombs can be a lot of fun to play but you need to keep a few important things in mind before you can use it. They are:

  • Make sure you maintain a safe distance from the bomb as you don’t want to get hurt when the Sticky Bomb explodes. Also, keep in mind that you can’t stay too far as distance plays an important role in detonating the bomb. The further away, the harder it is to explode.
  • Make sure you have your bombs ready in stock.
  • Make sure you place the bomb in the correct position, out of sight.

Read more: how to create a black light with homemade led strip lights Making sticky bombs in GTA 5 can be a bit complicated, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Use the R2 button on your controller to place the dynamite in the desired location. After placing it safely, run away from it. When you are sure that the explosion can’t harm you, just press LEFT on your controller. The light on the bomb turns red and the bomb explodes. Read more: How to keep the canopy from blowing away Avatar

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