how to use crossbow witcher 3

Geralt has a lot of tricks and weapons for you to choose from Witcher 3but perhaps the most overlooked thing is crossbow. We’ll show you how to equip it, the best enemies to use it against, and how to build upon it.

How to Get and Equip a Crossbow in Witcher 3


Geralt doesn’t start with a crossbow when you start the game, but it won’t be long before you get a crossbow. Follow the main quests for a little while and sooner or later Vesemir will give Geralt a crossbow (pretty bad) when the two of you go on a monster hunt together. If you have it, you can equip it by going into your arsenal and dragging it to the crossbow slot. Don’t worry it’s not very powerful, there are other things to find throughout the game that are much better, as well as specialized ammo to load them with. Once you’ve got the other crossbows, you can move them into that slot just like the first one.After you get a crossbow, equip it to the appropriate position to move it to your counter menu. | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red

How to use your crossbow

Once equipped in your inventory, the crossbow can be selected from the Quick Access Menu (Tab on PC or LB/L1 on controller). Select the crossbow and it will fire whenever you press the middle mouse button /RB/R1, aim at whatever Geralt is locked to. You can even select specialized ammo types from the Quick Access Menu if available. Don’t worry about ammunition; if you are using standard bolts you will never run out of ammo (although Geralt has to reload after each shot).Witcher 3 Quick Access MenuOnce equipped, you can draw your crossbow at any time from the Quick Access Menu. | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red

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Which enemy to use the crossbow

Read more: how to build a chippendale railing Even if you don’t create a build specifically for the crossbow, it can still be very useful against certain types of enemies and in certain situations, namely those enemies and the following situation:

  • Flying enemies. The crossbow was specifically introduced as a counterweight against a monster, and one of its big advantages was evident – it could hit enemies your sword couldn’t reach and often sending them out of the air in the process. It may do less damage, but by taking out an enemy in the air with a ranged attack, you can track it down with some high-damage melee attacks.
  • Underwater enemies. Geralt can’t cast any weapons or spells underwater except the crossbow, making it your only item to fend off drowning people or harps chasing you.
  • Enemies attack your boat. While you are on the boat, Geralt can stand up and walk normally or sit in place to steer. The latter gives you full control, but while operating the rudder, the crossbow is your only attack. If you need to keep moving, sit in the back, shooting at anything that makes you laugh.

Witcher 3 UnderwaterUnderwater enemies are almost impossible to fight without a crossbow to do it. | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red

Skills and abilities required to craft a crossbow

The viability of a crossbow crafting is quite controversial among fans, especially in the early game, where you can’t take advantage of that much. However, it has proven to be effective in some cases, especially when combined with powerful ammo, so here is a list of skills you can have to turn yourself into a sniper. really over time if that’s your vision for Geralt.

  • Lightning reflection. Slower time while aiming the crossbow.
  • Anatomy Knowledge. Increases crossbow’s critical hit chance.
  • Cruel hit. Critical hits caused by the crossbow nullify the monster’s special ability.
  • Stable shot. Crossbow bolt deals 25% more damage.
  • Cheat. You can shoot one more ray before having to reload.
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Witcher 3 Ability TreeMaking a construction around the crossbow is a controversial option, but some players accept it. | Joel Franey / USgamer, CD Projekt Red While you’ve got the hang of weapons, why not check out our guide here to repair your gear? Or you can go here to see how to increase your experience and level quickly so you can craft your crossbow faster than ever.

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