how to use a thumper keg

Producing moonshine with a beater instead of a pot is still great because the mill essentially does two distillations in one — without the loss of flavor like reflux distillation. Depending on your thumping, you should normally plan on filling the tank with liquid about half way through. This was the case for our Brewhaus beaters, but if you are using another beater, check with the manufacturer or adjust the fill level as you see fit. But what is the best liquid to use in your beater when you are making moonshine? Only water? That’s what I thought, but it turns out water is one of the last things you want to use.

Tails from a previous batch: The best

The way the beater works is that it takes steam from the top of your kettle and goes down a tube into the bottom of the beater. This vapor is cooled as it enters the liquid in the nebulizer, the steam condenses and heats the liquid in the nebulizer. So the temperature of the liquid in the nozzle increases gradually and then vaporizes into the condenser and out as a product. for the liquid that you put into the beater. This is because you should be able to get a little extra alcohol from the moonshine tail as the liquid heats up. If you use tails for this, use only the ones you collected earliest. As the tails are collected, traces of fellows and melted oil increase, so your purest tails are the ones you get right after you’re done with grazing.

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Some of your current rinses: Good

Another option is to use some of the liquid you are about to distill. While this won’t have as much alcohol as the tails from the previous run, it’s still better than water because it still has some alcohol in it. It’s also available because you’re going to be using it to make moonshine anyway, so keep filling your pitcher about halfway through and start distilling.

Water: Better than Nothing

Read more: How to make jean shorts wear and tear When I first learned about shorts, I assumed you just used water in them, but Rick says water should really be your last resort. He says it technically works, but if you use water you won’t get the benefit of using something that’s already alcoholic. If you don’t have items from a previous batch on hand, he recommends using at least some of your current laundry detergent. Again, no real harm will happen if you’re using water, but you simply won’t get as much out of this “double distillation” as if you used one of the options. other above. I hope this information has helped you learn more about what to put in your beaters when you are making moonshine. If you still have questions, feel free to message us via Facebook or contact us via our website. Happy filtering! Read more: how to get rid of black worms in the bathroom | Top Q&A

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