how to use a glass globe vaporizer

Meet the new and improved Glass Globe attachments! They say, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ – but we don’t always operate that way at Ooze. Sometimes we want to take a closer look at some of our tried and true cult favorites, and make them even better. This time, we’ve completely redesigned our original Glass Globe line of wax machines, a staple since Ooze’s early days. With the ability to instantly transform your 510 cartridge vape pen into a complete wax setup, it’s one of the most affordable dips. Not to mention, it’s the easiest to apply on the go. Just twist the coil like you would with a cartridge and turn on the glasses once you’ve loaded the medication. Each globe design is a hand-blown glass attachment that includes a domed Ooze quartz coil. Coil is actually one of the secrets to creating the super smooth shot the orbs deliver. Titanium coated and wick-free, these coils ignite your concentrate at the ideal temperature with optimal airflow. Each design offers a different experience, so check out which globe fits the requirements of your ideal shot!Cloud ballA young Caucasian woman with white fingernails holding a Slim Twist yellow Ooze vape pen with a Cloud Glass Ball attached. She is out on the lawn.The cloud sphere is a round, fat bulb around a coil that leads to a small, straight conduit. This design allows the shot to recoil in the cavity before you inhale all at once, creating a smooth and increased shot. If you love seeing all the milky clouds swirl around the chamber and take a long shot, this is the globe for you.Festive ballA young Caucasian woman holding a green Ooze Slim Twist vape pen with a Festive Glass Globe in it. She is under the tree and holding a pen against the background of branches and leaves.Get in the holiday spirit all year long with the Festive Ball — and that’s not just because of its Christmas tree shape. It is that shape that will give you a big hit. The vapor doesn’t have much time to collect before being sucked right up and into your lungs. What’s more satisfying than being baked after a hit? Read more: how to use a glass ball evaporatorSwoop GlobeA young woman's hand with white fingernails holds an orange Ooze Slim Twist vape pen with a Swoop Glass Ball attached. She is standing on the grass.Similar to our original Curved Neck globe, the Swoop Globe looks like a cream puff with a cherry on top. The special feature of this globe is that the mouthpiece can be placed at just the right angle so that you can comfortably rest it on your lips when the battery is held upright.Genie GlobeA young woman's hand with white fingernails holds a pink Ooze Slim Twist vape pen with a Genie Glass Ball attached. She is standing on the grass.Its unique shape is enough to make you want to try once entering the Genie Globe. When you strike, steam will be like a genie flying out of the magic lamp to grant all your wishes. Pretty suitable for dot attachments if you ask me! Readings: how to use a glass sphere evaporator Plus, you can apply discreetly wherever you are. Built for optimal function, temperature and airflow, the Glass Globe is the perfect choice right in your pocket! Read more: how to crack rdr2 . horse

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