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If you are a car lover like me, you must have spent a lot of time cleaning and detailing your trip. Of course, how else can we express our love with pride and joy than by cleaning and polishing the paint? Read: how to use a leather polishing machineHi Matt here. Personally, I like to polish and wax my cars by hand. I just think that the personal touch allows me to intimately approach the various imperfections on my travels. So why I know every scratch, dent, or bump on my car. I’m just who I am. I started using a double impact polisher when I started buying more cars than I could handle. A real action polisher or an orbital polisher will simply make the cleaning, polishing and descaling process many times easier than doing it by hand. I used to be a mess and sweaty after waxing my car. But when it comes to treating the entire painted surface, nothing beats the efficiency and speed of a dual-action polisher. Want to learn some cleaning tips and details along the way? This is a complete guide to how to use double impact polishing machine.

What is a double impact polishing machine?

A dual-action polisher (also known as an orbital polisher) is a handy power tool specially designed for polishing or waxing automotive paint. There are two types of car polishers: dual action polishing machine and rotary bufferdual action polishing machine and rotary buffer

  • Dual action/orbit – The double action polishing machine is equipped with a spindle that rotates around an eccentricity. Rotating or orbiting motion creates discomfort when the head rotates. Unusual or special movements are responsible for preventing the polisher from burning or removing paint.
  • The dual-action polisher is designed to be user-friendly and generate less heat on the painted surface. The unique orbital action of the rotary head distributes and polishes/wax onto the paint without fear of damaging the finish.

  • Rotary / circle The rotary polisher is ideal for professional use and can be used to remove deeper scratches or oxidation. Rotary polishers generate a lot of heat and are necessary when dealing with heavily stained or damaged paint. You need heat to remove part of the clear coat/coat to reveal a smooth surface.
  • However, rotary polishing machines are not ideal for beginners. If the polisher is allowed to stay on a particular piece of paint for too long for a second, it will burn or eat through the paint, guaranteed. how to use double impact polishing machine. We will discuss rotary polishing machines in a separate article.

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    Double impact polishing machine accessories

    Your dual-action polisher is only as good as a cleaning pad. Here are the types of wipes so it will be easy for you to know what you need for your car:

  • Cut a piece of foam or lightly cut foam. Styrofoam cutting pads are well suited for use with compounds or polishing agents. This is the best pad for a double-action polisher if you’re looking to remove moderate to severe swirls, scratches or oxidation.
  • Light cutting sponge is considered the all-round polishing pad for removing light to moderate imperfections in paint. This pad works well with paint cleaners or polishes. The cut or light cut is usually yellow or orange.

  • Foam cushion polishing. This backing comes in a variety of textures and densities and is commonly used to give paint a high sheen. The thicker grades are well suited for polishing light swirls while the low density grades have lower shear strength and are used to enhance the shine and luster of the paint. Polishing sponges are usually green, white, blue depending on the thickness or density of the foam.
  • Finished foam cushion. This is the best gasket to use when applying wax or sealant. It is great for finishing the last coat of paint and will also remove buffer swirls on black or dark paint. Finished foam pads are usually black.
  • Check out our pick for the best dual action polishers for the money

    How to use the Double Impact Polisher

    Before getting excited about using a dual-action polisher, there are a few more things you need to do to ensure the best results.

    Step 1: Wash the car

    The first part is washing and drying the car properly. Small particles of dirt, grit or sand wreak havoc on your paintwork as they are sucked in by the polishing pad in your orbital polisher. This is not good because you will essentially create deeper scratches and swirls instead of removing them completely! It doesn’t matter if you prefer waterless washing or rinsing without rinsing. Personally, I like to wash my car with clean water and car shampoo, but it’s always important to start with fresh, clean paint before using cleaners, polishes, or waxes. Check out our favorite waterless car wash.Best Waterless Cleaners and Wax Cleaners RV Boats or Airplanes Pro tip:Wash your car from top to bottom to avoid further scratching the top of your car’s paint. Remember that the stone slabs and undersides of doors and bumpers are among the dirtiest parts of the paint because they are closer to the ground. This is why you should always clean your car starting from the top panels like the hood and roof before washing the doors.

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    Step 2: Check the paint

    check your work“Checked”… by: naturescorpio After washing and drying the vehicle, it is time to inspect the painted surface. You may be facing some kind of paint problem if you decide to buy a dual action polisher and that’s good for you. But you still need to double-check the paint before taking the next important step. Dry hands and glide over painted surface. Does the paint feel rough to the touch? You will need to polish the finish and use an appropriate cutting pad. The paint is smooth, but you see a lot of swirls and nasty scratches? You will need to use a polishing pad Read more: How many polishes are needed Like I said earlier it doesn’t matter if you are using the most expensive double-action polisher if you are using the wrong type of pad clean for A specific job. The type of cleaning pad or polishing pad will depend on the type or brand of the double-action polisher and the size of the head (from 4” to 6.5”).

    Step 3: Remove scratches and swirls

    Scratches and swirls are more obvious on black or dark paint, but light paint can also benefit from proper polishing by enhancing the color and luster of the surface. I like to use Meguiar’s Swirl X Swirl Remover or 3M . scratch remover. Meguiar’s Swirl X is great for light to medium swirl marks. 3M Scratch Remover is wax-free and designed to tackle deeper scratches and swirls. Another pro tip:You should clean the pad from time to time when polishing paint. You can use pressurized air for easy cleaning or ‘air wash’ the pad to remove used residue. However, the simplest way to clean a double-action pad is to use a clean cotton cloth. Simply fold a medium-sized cotton towel in half and hold the towel against the side of the pad. Turn the polisher ON and push the towel against the pad with your hands for about 5 to 10 seconds. This technique quickly pulls excess liquid and residue out of the foam so you can get back to work quickly without needing to replace the pad.

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    Step 4: Polish the paint to make it brighter

    At this point, all you have to do is change the cleaning pad to a polishing pad and grab your favorite polisher. I like the Mother California Gold Pure Polish or Meguiar’s Last Polish for this step. Both products are liquid, safe and effective when used by hand or a double-action polisher.

    Step 5: Wax paint

    The final step of using a double-action polisher is polishing the paint. Waxing will add a strong protective barrier from dirt and UV rays. Pure carnauba wax will also give your paintwork an amazing shine and flawless finish. Now, you can find a lot of waxes online but I only use Mom’s California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Wax or Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Liquid Wax. Both products are formulated using the finest carnauba wax and provide deeper reflectivity, especially on black or dark paint colors. It is not difficult to use a double-action polisher. The trick is to use the right pads and the right products for lasting results every time.


    Now you know how to use a double impact polisher. Genuine car guys will wash their cars by hand instead of spending time and money in an automatic car wash. But dedicated car owners will save even more elbow grease and time by investing in a quality double-action polisher for detail painting purposes.

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