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A Beginner’s Guide to Ring SlingOur friend Larissa, from Living in Color Blog, graciously shared her beginner’s guide on how to use the bracelet with us so we could share useful information. with you! Whether you don’t know what a sling is, or are considering one but want more information, read through this guide where Larissa answers some common questions and offers some helpful advice! like I’m a new mom you don’t know WHAT about loop slings, textile wraps or soft structured carriers. I hope to shed some light on what these other carrier options are and share additional tips for using them. Having a baby has definitely made me a better mother.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions I receive about the loop cable car and my answers!

What is a sling? A sling is a piece of woven wrap that is cut to a specific length (depending on size) and sewn at the shoulder with loops to form a convenient “sling” for carrying a baby. So chances are when you receive your sling it won’t be read back, meaning the loops will be on the top and the end of the sling will be hanging freely. The first thing you need to do is thread the loops. Check out this video that helped me as I learned how to thread. The loops hold the sling in a way that allows you to create a hammock-like seat, wrap it around your baby’s back to the neck and then tighten it carefully. Read on for tips on using a hoop! There are some great options for infant slings and toddler slings, making it easier for your baby as they grow. In my opinion, slings are the easiest to use with babies. Anyone who wants to run a quick errand and wants a compact, easy-to-adjust carrier. Also, someone has a baby or toddler that you want to carry in a shoulder bag. Most caregivers will want to hold your baby or child on your hips. So, why not have a nice and supportive piece of fabric to help you do it and go hands-free? Read more: how to moisten a dried fruit cake If you have a super light baby or baby, all you need is a sling with a ring. At about six months, I also started carrying the G in the soft-structured slings as they help with slightly better weight distribution for larger babies. But I still use my loop hangers – just for different reasons! I use three types of carriers daily. A looped, woven wrap and soft-structured carrier. Each has different functions and you can read more about that in this post here. The sling has a specific weight limit depending on the fabric and the age of the child. In general, 35 pounds is a good base maximum. In general, you can put a sling on an infant right away (assuming there is no medical problem – be sure to consult a medical professional before officially putting a sling on an infant – just just to be on the safe side.) I wear it for my 17 month old baby. wear the ring everyday and still feel very comfortable with her in it. She liked it very much. How to get one? There are buying and selling groups on Facebook, or you can easily buy one on It’s my favorite place to buy loop hangers, which brings me to my next question. Which hoop do you like, Larissa? I’ve owned quite a few loops of different materials. Baby Tula tencel hangers are my favorite fabric/type because of their cute print and special tencel material they use. Of the four fabrics that currently live here, three of them are Tula fabrics. What fabric is best for a sling? How do I know what size I need? Here’s the problem – when I bought my first sling, people told me to get the S/M (small/medium) because that’s the size of the t-shirt I wear, but I prefer the L/XL (large/extra large) tail or aka LOOOOONG! I like long tails because they serve three purposes: first as a pretty floral fabric, second as temporary cover, and third as extra support at the neck or bib or another layer to keep baby warm! It’s win-win with a longer tail, but honestly it’s personal preference! My size guide in the image below is for Baby Tula Ring Sling sizes. For loop slings converted from small pieces of woven fabric, just watch the inches and then refer back to this guide. /M – 77 inchesL / XL – 87 inches so it won’t mess with the seat or fabric threading through the loops. and spend your time learning. You WILL get frustrated, but I can also promise that with practice and determination you will do well. Be confident! Baby Tula provides excellent resources on how to use your leash.Read more: how to create a csgo clan | Top Q&A

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