how to unlock spotter class in cod mobile

One of the newest additions to COD Mobile in season 3 is the BR ‘Spotter’ mode. It’s available now in-game and can be purchased through a new Featured Event called ‘Target Locked.’ With that, the availability of the new class will also end. Read: how to unlock the scout class in mobile cod Players need to complete 10 missions of the Battle Royale featured challenge to receive five free rewards, including the BR ‘Spotter’ Class. Along with the new event, the temporary BR Mode ‘Alcatraz’ has also returned. Players can complete all missions in a single match in Alcatraz map/mode. Also read: COD Mobile Season 3: How to Unlock Operator “Battery – Birthstone.”

‘Target Locked’ Event and BR Class ‘spotter’ in COD Mobile Season 3

The event is valid for a few days, from May 14 to 23, 2021 (UTC). Availability of the BR Class after that date is unknown. Players will have to rummage to find the BR Class in Battle Royale mode. Here is a list of all the quests under ‘Locked Targets’ and some tips for completing them:#1. Log in for three days – 10 pointsPlayers need to make sure not to skip login attempts and get daily login rewards for at least three days.#2. Throw 5 frag grenades in a BR Battle – 10 pointsIt is very easy to find a frag grenade in a Battle Royale game and players need to make sure they use them at least five times in COD Mobile’s BR mode. The use of frag grenades in BR games can be random. Tap to use – Alcatraz#3. Use armor plate five times in BR Battles – 10 pointsArmor plates in COD Mobile’s BR Mode are health-boosting items that spawn frequently and can be easily purchased. To use armor plates, players must first make sure their armor is damaged. If not, it won’t work. Players can participate in combat while hiding to accumulate damage.Read more: how to update lg g2 to lollipopMap to use – Alcatraz#4. Play four Battle Royale matches – 10 pointsPlayers can use COD Mobile's Alcatraz (Image via Activision)This quest is correlated because the player will automatically complete this quest while pursuing the others. Alcatraz.#5. Surf 1500 meters in BR Match – 10 points#6. Landing in the Advanced Loot Zone five times – 20 pointsThe Surf and Landing Mission can be completed in just one Alcatraz BR Game (Image via Activision)For the missions, the fifth and sixth players need to master surfing and landing while implementing COD Mobile’s BR game. Players should use the map – Alcatraz#7. Use Class chips three times in BR matches – 10 points#8. Use Parachute Class five times in BR matches – 10 pointsAirborne is available in COD Mobile's store (Image via Activision)The seventh and eighth missions are easier. Players need to make sure they survive the enemies while using the BR Class multiple times. Airborne Class is not free and can be purchased from COD Mobile’s Credits Store. For both missions, survival is key. Therefore, players should refrain from participating in wars to pursue these missions. Isolated#9. Deal 1500 damage in BR battles – 10 pointsRead more: how to align pulleys on serpentine belts | Top Q&A#10. Kill 10 enemies in BR Matches – 10 points#11. Top 5 in BR matches three times – 20 pointsPlayers can use airdrops and class chips in BR Mode for one's benefit (Image via Activision)All three missions are based on fighting and survival skills. Players who have played the game before can easily breach these missions. After completing each one of them, COD Mobile players will be able to unlock all the event rewards.

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Spotters are the main reward of the challenge (Image via Activision) Completing the ‘Locked Target’ challenge unlocks the following rewards:

  • 100 credits
  • Scout – Paper star
  • Umbrella – Side scales
  • Helicopter – Side Scales
  • BR layer ‘Spotter’

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Class Spotter BR

Photos via ActivisionThe new BR Class COD Mobile Spotter has two main abilities that the player can use:Fly SwatterThe BR layer shows nearby enemies while increasing the reload speed of the Rocket Launcher.Cluster StrikeAnother ability of this BR Class is that the player can use it to conduct a cluster air raid to a designated area, helping to finish off campers once they are discovered. very effective: Also read: COD Mobile Part 3: 5 reasons why the Master Trap class is overwhelming in BR mode. Read more: Musher’s secret Avatar

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