How to uninstall Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an F2P multiplayer game of the battle royale genre. Quite a famous shooter with millions of players worldwide. On the contrary, many of them end up giving up and discarding it. The lack of disk memory or obvious discontent, is not our concern. Instead, our concern is how to uninstall Apex Legends.

Delete the game via Origin client

Since the game is installed through the Origin client, we can also remove Apex with it. Follow these steps to uninstall:

  • Launch the Origin client and log in.
  • Go to the My Game Library tab and look for Apex Legends in the list.
  • Right click on the game, click the Uninstall button and confirm.
  • Uninstall Apex Legends Using Windows Tools

    One of the most obvious methods to remove Apex Legends is to use the default Windows tools. The cleaning results will be similar to those with the Origin client and may be more favorable for some users. Option #1. System Settings.

  • Open the Start menu and go to the Settings > Apps > Apps & Features tab (or Win + X > Apps and Features).
  • Find Apex Legends in the list.
  • Click the Uninstall button and confirm the removal process.
  • Windows 10 apps and featuresOption 2. Control Panel.

  • Go to the Start menu and type Control Panel in the search line. Launch it.
  • Open the Programs and Features tab and find Apex Legends.
  • Click the game, then click the Uninstall/Change button (or right-click > Uninstall/Change).
  • remove Apex Legends on WindowsOption #3. System Registration (for advanced users)

  • Open the Start menu, type Registry Editor in the search line and run it as Administrator (or use the Win + R combination and type regedit in the window).
  • Follow this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall {D7FBF176-382D-484E-863A-DFD1124A2A1C}
  • Find the UninstallString file in the folder, launch it and copy the value data.
  • Using the Run command (Win + R), paste the value and click OK.
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    scan system registry after uninstall

    Both methods can leave leftover game files in the system and paths in the registry. Accumulating such files is not recommended. To remove programs and games, we recommend using special software that performs a complete and proper uninstall. For example, do it with the IObit and Revo uninstaller. You can also choose the best program for you by reviewing our list of the best uninstallers.IObit UninstallerWith it, one can quickly remove unnecessary applications, temporary files, obsolete paths in the system registry. It has extra features, such as installation tracking, browser extensions removal, software updates, etc. To uninstall Apex Legends:

  • Open IObit Uninstaller and go to Programs > All Programs.
  • Find Apex Legends in the list.
  • Highlight the game and click the Uninstall button (or right click > Uninstall).
  • Apply additional options before commit – to prevent errors and remove residual files.
  • Apex Legends wonRevo UninstallerEfficiently handle tasks related to removing programs, games, temporary files or paths in the registry. It has a fairly simple interface, but at the same time, some handy functions. The main advantage over other similar utilities is complete information about any program.

  • Launch Revo Uninstaller and open the All Programs tab.
  • Search for Apex Legends.
  • Click the Uninstall button (or right-click > Uninstall).
  • Pre-create a system restore point and back up the registry (optional).
  • When done, perform a scan to remove leftover files and clean up the registry.
  • Select and delete all unnecessary data.
  • restore Revo . uninstaller restore pointIn a nutshell, this is an outline of all methods based on effectiveness and user effort. Method To Eliminate Difficulty Time Operating System Cost Origin Client Partly Easy 1-2 Mins Windows 7, 8, 10 Free Partial System Installation Average 2-3 Minutes Windows 7, 8, 10 Free Partial Control Panel Medium 2-3 minutes Windows XP, 7, 8 , 10 Free System Registration Hard Total 3-5 minutes Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 Free IObit Uninstaller Totally Easy 1 Minute Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 $20 Revo Uninstaller Completely Easy 1 Minute Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10 $20Read on: 10 most explosive tank games.

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