how to turn on auto sprint in fortnite

Fortnite has so many tips and tricks that it’s hard to remember them all. There are advanced tactics when it comes to building and shooting, but fortunately, there are easy methods for a lot of things in the game. Whether it’s a mechanic added to the game or something players have discovered for themselves, Fortnite can be played to the user’s liking. One of the simplest tricks is to run it automatically. Autorun is when the Fortnite character just runs forward on its own without any player input. This can be an important mechanic to know if the player needs to travel a long distance across the island without a vehicle.

Autorun in Fortnite

Autorun in Fortnite is a fairly simple method of running continuously in the same direction without having to touch the controller or the keyboard. While using the controller, double clicking the left thumb will make the character run automatically. PC uses the same function. Just double-click any key you use to move forward.Read more: how to care for player weaves Players will notice an icon next to their health and shield bar. What appears is a line of three different shaded running balls. This is how you know that the autorun has been started successfully. Autorun will remain intact as long as buttons or scroll keys are unchecked. Opening doors, picking up weapons, shooting, and building all can happen while autorun is enabled in Fortnite.

How to enable autorun in Fortnite

(Image credit: Forever Classic Games)While in Fortnite, go to the settings menu, whether from the main area or during a battle royale match. In the Games section, there will be several subsections. Scroll all the way down to find Control Options. At the end of the section, switch the Autorun Controller to the On option. The same goes for using the keyboard. Read more: Inkscape how to resize canvas Avatar

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