how to turn off best stuff first on tumblr

The Tumblr dashboard is simply great at staying up to date on the latest happenings in your blogging world. However, things can sometimes get hectic due to the large number of posts showing up. And yes. I’m specifically talking about the very first posts on Best Content that make it really hard for you to understand everything. Read: how to turn off the best content first on tumblrBest Content The first is obviously putting what Tumblr considers to be the best posts – often by note count – of the blogs you’re following right at the top of your dashboard. of a big mess. Luckily, both Tumblr apps – Android and iOS – let you shut down Best Stuff First posts in a nice way. It’s a weird feature that shows posts liked by your ‘favorites’. Strange, isn’t it?

Turn off the best content first


Tumblr’s Best Content First and In Your Orbit recommendations are only available on the Android and iOS apps, not the Web version. So you need to do it manually on both Android and iOS.


Turning off Best Content First is both simple and easy on the Android app. Let’s see how you can do that.Step 1: Open the Tumblr app and tap the Account icon. Now tap on the gear-shaped Settings icon.Tumblr Best Content First Off 1Tumblr Best Content First Off 2Step 2: Tap General and select Dashboard Preferences.Tumblr Best Content First Off 3Tumblr Best Content First Off 4Read more: How to braid beads in your hairStep 3: Tap the switch next to Best Content First to turn it off. If you don’t like your In Orbit suggestions, you can also turn it off right from here.Tumblr Best Content First Off 5That’s it! That will do the trick. Tap the Back icon repeatedly until you reach the Tumblr dashboard. You should now see both the Best of Stuff and In Your Orbit recommendations gone.

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Tumblr’s iOS app is slightly different from the Android app, but the steps required to turn off Best of Stuff recommendations are pretty much the same.Step 1: On the Tumblr app, tap the Account icon and select any of your personal Tumblr blogs. It doesn’t matter which blog you choose.Tumblr Best Content First Off 6Step 2: You should now see the Settings icon. Tap it and select General from the drop-down menu.Tumblr Best Content First Off 7Step 3: Tap Dashboard Options.Tumblr Best Content First Off 8Step 4: Tap the slider next to Best Content First to turn it off. Just like on Android, you can turn off the Content In Your Orbit option to turn off In Your Orbit recommendations.Tumblr Best Content First Off 9That’s it. You can now return to a much cleaner dashboard.

Quit Tracked Searches

Before summarizing everything, let’s look at one way to remove even more unwanted clutter from the dashboard – specifically, tracked searches. Formerly known as tracked tags, tracked searches are quite useful as they serve as quick shortcuts to your favorite searches. more: Is Comet Cleaner the classic floor scrub that ushered in a new age of housecleaning, however, Tumblr tends to periodically suggest the top posts from lists of searches. your tracking, it’s the last thing you want on a neat dashboard. If there are any posts related to unwanted searches that you don’t want to see on your dashboard, here’s how we can get rid of them.

Android and iOS

Deleting tracked searches on both Android and iOS requires a similar process.Step 1: Tap the Search icon. You should now see a list of tracked searches below the search bar. You can also swipe left to reveal any additional searches you may have followed. Tap the tracked search tag that you want to remove.Tumblr Best Content First Off 10Step 2: Tap Unfollow in the search bar to remove the tracked search. Suggested posts related to it should be immediately removed from your dashboard.Tumblr Best Content First Off 11Repeat the same for any other tracked searches you want to delete.

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On the Web version of Tumblr, it’s even easier to delete tracked searches.Step 1: Simply click on the search bar and you’ll see a list of tracked searches appear in a cascading menu.Tumblr Best Content First Off 12Step 2: Click the tracked search you want to remove, then click Unfollow from within the search bar.Tumblr Best Content First Off 13Repeat the same for any other searches you want to delete. Read more: How to wear a faucet ring

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